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I am so lucky to teach in a district that now has 9 teachers with some level of certification in Kodály with more teachers who are interested in obtaining levels.  When I started in this district I was the only one who was certified or had levels and it's so nice to now have collegiality in a methodology in which we all love and know is a great way of teaching music to children.  

Four years ago we started a Professional Study Team in which we collected songs that were applicable to kindergarten and first grade songs.  The following year we focused on 2nd and 3rd grades then the next was 4th and 5th grade.  With this we developed a HUGE repertoire of music.  One of my goals this year was to find new song material within that collection to use to teach grade level concepts.  In this goal I found this gem for use with third grade:

GAME: Everyone sits in a circle with left hand palm up and right hand palm up (on neighbor's left hand) sing through the song tapping neighbor's right hand with own right hand, on beat, one persona at a time. (Start somewhere in the circle, that person taps neighbor, neighbor taps next etc. ) when the song gets to "oh no" the person that just got tapped says a number between 2-20. That person starts, taps the neighbor's right hand until the designated number is spoken. When the person is about to say the designated number, the person who is about to be tapped pulls their hand away-If the person misses, they are out of the circle, if the person doesn't, the student who is tapped is out of the circle.

Why do I love this song?  
  1. I love that is has a tone set which is perfect for late practice in teaching low so.  And did you notice that nice interval between la, and re at the end?  
  2. I LOVE that it has tika-ti without tika-tika or ti-tika.  And did you notice the text on the tika-ti?  "Tick-i-ty", very similiar, huh?!  Love that coincidence!
  3. Lastly, it has a game that the kids love: it's familiar but has a different twist that makes it its own game.

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