They Say It's Your Birthday!

So, this is my favorite week of the year!!  Why?  Because of Valentine's day?  Well. . . maybe.  But more so because it's my birthday "week."
I'm not one that goes all crazy on my birthday . . . although 2 years from now when I turn 40 I might, lol!  Nor have I ever claimed to have a "birthday week."  We usually just lay low but I thought in honor of my birthday I'm going to do a little sale on my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Between now and Saturday, February 16th ("the day") if you spend $10 or more I'll send you one of the $2 or under files from my store.  Or, for every $10 you spend, you can earn $2.00 towards items in my store.

Here's how it works: make a purchase at my store but DO NOT include your free items (remember, you'll earn $2.00 of "product" for every $10 you spend).  After you place your order, email me at, let me know how much you spent and which files you would like me to send you.  It's that easy!! :)

This week I will be posting some new "Sing a Rainbow"files that are really fun for assessment.  Also, don't forget about all those Valentine's day files that I have:
Heel, Toe, On the Line
Love Somebody
Valentine, Red and Blue
Valentine, Valentine
Valentine's Day Games: All Grade levels
Valentine's Day Game: 1st grade, pre so-mi
Valentine's Day Game: 1st grade, so-mi
Valentine's Day Game: 2nd grade
Valentine's Day Game: 3rd grade, tika-tika & do-pentatonic
Valentine's Day Game: 3rd grade, ti-tika & low la
Valentine's Day Game: 4th grade
Valentine's Day Game: 5th grade
Who Will Be My Valentine?

Have a great Tuesday!


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