August Birthdays and a TpT Sale!!

Six years ago I gave birth to the most passionate, headstrong, lovable little boy that I've ever known.  As a teacher, having a LATE August baby is not ideal.   That year a substitute started my school year and this year I have a student teacher.  

When I had a sub, I had some classroom management problems that lasted the WHOLE year because of bad habits that she let happen.  I'm so strict when it comes to respecting each other, creating an environment in which students feel safe to take risks, to using the bathroom (I don't allow it- I only see them 45 minutes every 3rd or 4th day).  I'm very proactive and outline expectations before activities so that the students know the expectations and that year was killer.  The first few weeks of school are so important for building a foundation and I take time to make sure mine is build on rock rather than sand. (You know the old song: "the wise man build his house upon the rock. . . ")  Needless to say, that year it was build on grains sand, lol!

Now, having a student teacher, I'm watching her have some challenges with classroom management.  I want both of us to lay that foundation on rock but at the same time, since she's only with me for 8 weeks, giving her as much time as she needs soloing and teaching without me jumping in every time to help her.  

I'm getting on a topic here on which I plan to devote an entire post.  Long story short, I'm helping her come up with some strategies to implement so she can TEACH rather than MANAGE.  You experienced teachers know what I mean, right?  The first few years it's hard because you have so much that you want to implement however pacing, sequencing, assessing, planning, differentiating, etc. are all so overwhelming.   If you follow me on Teachers Pay Teachers, the next monthly freebie with be a couple different versions of behavior charts, one of which she's going to use (similarly to the behavior charts that our classroom teachers use, but with a music twist).

Phew, did I get off topic?!  I got on here to remind you that everything in my TpT store is 15% today, tomorrow and Thursday!  If you're not already following me on TpT, please do!  I'll send you some freebies that are located on a site that only my followers can access.  If you start following me, please email me now and I'll send you that site address with the July/August freebie! :)  


  1. I wish I could not allow bathroom breaks during music. How do you make this happen? Any time someone needs to go to the bathroom I make a big deal about it to the point that some kids will say "I have to go to the bathroom, but I can hold it" lol. They know I don't like them to leave my room and that they miss out on fun activities when they are gone. But I also don't want anyone to wet themselves because they are too scared to ask to go to the bathroom. Ideas?

    1. Well, until this year it's been pretty easy. The teachers tell them that they go before specials or they go after and that's their choice. Kindergarten is a little different as the pe teacher and I switch halfway through. We have 45 minute periods so we see them for 20-ish minutes and then switch. If they have to go they go during the switching time. We're running into a problem with first grade this year though. You see, we have them very last and dismiss them to the bus. So, I'm going to allow them to go but here's how it's going to work:

      We're using a behavior chart for my student teacher and using their class numbers so we can use the same clips for all the classes. When they have to go, they're going to move their clip to the bathroom sign (only one boy and one girl can be gone at a time). Additionally, I'm going to have a stop and go sign above the bathroom sign. When we're in high concentration areas the stop sign will be showing. When we go to a change of pace or game it'll change to green and they can go. We're going to start this next week, I hope it helps! :) I'm planning a post on it. . . . if my own two kids ever start feeling better! Noah was sick last weekend and Hannah's been sick ALL week . . today she had a fever (no fever yesterday) of 102.

  2. I hope your kids get better! Ellie has had a fever since Friday. NO FUN!!


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