Linus and Lucy Listening Lesson and how to get this freebie!

Last year I remember telling my friend Tanya LeJeune that I wanted to create a listening lesson for "Linus and Lucy".  It's played so much around this time of the year that it would be a fun sight reading exercise.

My 3rd graders right now are preparing low la but I thought it'd be great practice for re.  The other melodic concept that you can teach with it is fa.  My 4th graders aren't able to read it but it's be great practice for my 5th graders.  So, I've made a PowerPoint for practicing it.

There's the "Lucy " theme, that is only mi-re-do.  (I did not write any of the rhythm out.  When I transcribed this the mi starts before beat 1 of the measure.  While I could write out a "skeleton" of the rhythm, I'm really only going to use this for melodic practices.  And with the way it's notated I can still challenge my 5th graders to play it on recorder).  Here's a couple sample slides:

The next "theme" (dubbed so by moi) is the "Linus & Schroeder" theme, and that include so & fa:

I used Schroeder playing the piano to fill in for the part that is really inaccessible to my students' reading abilities.

There's a couple other sections that are the same way, where the melody and the rhythm get a little more complicated.  And quite frankly, it would be a really long reading exercise if that was all written out.  So, I created a slide where the "gang's dancing," which can be used for a movement break or beat keeping activity:

If you would like a copy of this PowerPoint here's all you have to do: head over to my Teachers Pay Teachers store and click "Follow Me."  Make sure to do this by 8:00 EST on Friday, December 13.  I will be sending out a note to my followers on Friday night.  Now, Teachers Pay Teachers takes a couple days to process the note so you won't receive it in your inbox until sometime next week.

Here's how you'll know you have a message from me: on your Teachers Pay Teachers Dashboard there will be a little "flag" and if you tap the drop down you can click on your inbox to get my message.  The link to the freebie will be in my message.

I hope you're all having a great week!  I hope to blog later this week about the snowball fights we've been having in music class! :)

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  1. I'm so excited to hear about this great freebie! I'm really looking forward to it. :)

  2. Yay! Can't wait to use this. Hopefully, it will also be the impetus in my 15 yr old finally learning to play it! Thanks Amy for all the GREAT stuff you put out there for us - makes MY life easier!

  3. Hi Amy, I love your creations and have purchased many. I saw this post too late (after the 13th). Is there any way I can still get it?

  4. I looked for this file in your tpt store. I can't find it. I looked through all 20 pages. It looks like such a great listening lesson.


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