Somebody Loves Me

I'm sad to admit I can't remember my source for this song. . . although my mom does it with her kids, so does that count, lol?!!!  Here it is:

It's a great seasonal song to use for high do and syn-co-pa.  Of course I have preparation slides as well as practice slides for this song.  I bet you're starting to figure out the pattern of my PowerPoints, but we'll walk through it ;)

Here's the title page:

The lyric slides:

Beat slide:

The iconic rhythm slide (for preparation).  Remember, with a PowerPoint you can arrange the slides to meet your needs and concepts that you're working on .  I won't be using this slide, but if you haven't done syncopa this is a good visual representation of the sound:

The rhythm practice slide:

 Then we get into the melody slides.  First are the words spatially arranged for the whole song.  This is a a sample:

Then it goes through the whole song again, but this time on the staff:

Then we get into the "meat" of the preparation slides, drawing attention to the new note and focusing in on its critical attributes:

The solfége goes through the entire song, sans staff:

And then with the staff:

Then there are the presentation and practice slides:

The are exactly the same as the preparation slides, but now high do is labeled:

Then it's written with the "real" notes:

 And then there's the absolute pitch practice slides:

Finally, a GAME!!  Yeah!  There is a direction slide (the directions are written out below):

And here's a sample of the cards that go with the game.  There are 10 slides, for a total of 40 different rhythm cards:

Here's the game:
Formation: seated circle
1.    Players sit with their left hand, palm side up, on their left leg.  Their right hand is placed in their neighbor's left hand (the person to their right).
2.    While singing the song, the beat is passed by assigning a leader to start and then individually crossing over the body to tap the right hand of the neighbor sitting to the player's left.  (just like "Aquaqua" or "Down By the Banks").  The beat is passed until the song is finished.
3.    The person who the beat lands on on the word “you” is then out (you can play that they can try to pull their hand away before being tapped and if they are successful, the person trying to tap them is out).
4.    The person who is out then picks a card.  If they successfully read it they can get back in the game.  If not, play continues and that person helps the next “out-ed” person read their card.  If they read it correctly, they get back in the game.  Etc.

Now, with the cards you can put them in cute little bags like this that I found in the dollar bin at Target:

Of course I found these more expensive ones first at Walmart:

Or for ultimate cuteness, you can use these mailboxes.  These were in the dollar section at Target!!  And yep, me being the hoarder I am, bought 15 of them. I'm planning on using them with some other Valentine's Day activities, but that's a post for another day! :)

The slide show above can be found at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  Speaking of which, there's a big sale starting tomorrow and runs through Sunday.  Basically, a lot of the teachers on TpT are selling their products at a reduced rate.  Everything in my store will be on sale for 28% off the normal price!!

Happy Friday everyone!!

Who Will Be My Valentine?

Double post?!!  What can I say, I missed blogging over the weekend!!! I actually worked on this PowerPoint in the hotel room Friday night!  (I know, I live large!)  For any of you who were at my "Manipulative Mania" session on Friday at CMEA, this is one of the songs that we did during that session.

This is one of my ALL-TIME favorite songs to do at Valentine's Day with my 1st and 2nd graders (although, I've also done it with my full-day kinders too!).  I learned it from Cindy McCaskill during my student teaching.  It goes like this:

Familiar tune, right?!  You might know it as "Bow Wow Wow" and I also posted a Christmas version "Ho, Ho, Ho" in December.  The dance is very similar and is posted below.

Here's the PowerPoint:
Title Slide (I don't know if I mentioned this before, but I love this as it makes a nice link between literature and music):

Here are the lyric slides:

There's the beat slide:

The rhythm preparation slide:

The ta & ti-ti practice and rest preparation slide:

The rest practice slide:

And then if you're second graders are preparing re, there are some preparation slides:

Then they also read it on the staff with body signs. . . here's a sample slide:

Then reading the known solfa and humming the unknown note (again, a sample slide):

Presentation slide. . . highlights the critical attributes of re:

And then the practice slides go through the whole process again, but this time with re being labeled:

Also with "real" notes:

And absolute pitch reading:

Here's the song slide with the dance directions:

I also made a song sort for this one.  If you're working on re with your 2nd graders then this will be good practice for them.  Just make a sheet for every child (or have them work in pairs) and cut it in fourths so the cards are separated.

I also made this in black & white for easier printing (you can't print everything in color. . .that's a little exspensive!)  I call this the "I Love Lucy" version, lol!!

This is posted on my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  If you aren't following me on Teachers Pay Teachers, please do.  My first monthly freebie will be sent out via message on Teachers Pay Teachers on February 1st and it's related to this post.
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