A Collection of Songs, PDFs and Activities & Assessments for Teaching so-mi

Hi everyone!  Boy, this has been a long, rough couple of weeks.  My daughter and I have both has a respiratory "thing" that has just lingered.  

I have a bunch of ideas for blog topics so I'll share some of those with you soon. In the meantime, I have made a collection of songs, PDFs and activities & assessments for teaching so-mi.

Just like my ta & ti-ti file, I'm not giving you a concept plan.  I really believe that you need to take a Kodály level and have the reasoning and education behind them.  I also feel that you need to make a concept plan that is specific to you, your song literature, your kids and your teaching situation.  That being said, if you're in Colorado, sign up for level I!!!  My dear friend Tanya LeJeune is teaching it again at Colorado State and she's amazing!!!   I'm so honored that I get to teach level II this summer, along side her!

Back to the so-mi bundle:

There are eight PDFs that each have preparation, presentation and practice slides.

There are assessments:

Mystery songs:
There's also a disappearing song activity; iconic, stick and staff flashcards and 26 songs, most of which have an activity that is included.

You can read more details by clicking here.

If you purchase this packet between now and May 2013 I will make you a disappearing song file to the song of your choice!  It will then go up on my TpT store for others to purchase but will be free to you.  Simply purchase my so-mi bundle, rate it and then email me (amy.j.abbott@gmail.com) with the song that you would like to have made into a disappearing song file.  Give me a few days to get it made and I'll email it to you! :)

It's finally NOT snowing in Colorado so I'm headed outside to my garden. Have a GREAT weekend!

Summer Lovin'

If you live in CO you're laughing at this blog post title right now.  For those of you not in Colorado, this is the third Monday in a row in which we've had snow.  Two weeks ago we had a snow day (and NO snow!).  Then last week we did NOT have a snow day and we have 13.5 inches on the ground.  This week, I'm sure there's no snow day.  I've also had two concerts and a upper respiratory thing going on for the last week so I'm pooped!

But, I'm planned out for the end of the year and created this with that and the beginning of the next school year in mind.  

There are a few different sets, and for some grade levels multiple sets.  I know that I see my 1st and 2nd graders on a 4 day rotation and we're not where we normally are in the curriculum. What a huge difference there is between a 3 and 4 day rotation!!

Here's a sample of a fourth grade game:

The main idea is that the kiddos are divided into 2-4 teams.

Each team has a "home page" like this:
 The goal is to collect as many summer items as they can.

Each of the summer items is linked to a rhythm or melody slide.  Here are some sample slides:

So far,  I have a first grade version, two 2nd grade, two 3rd grade and a fourth grade version.  You can find them by clicking these links:
  1. first grade
  2. second grade: halfnote & do
  3. second grade: tika tika & re
  4. third grade: ti-tika & low la
  5. third grade: tika-ti & low so
  6. fourth grade: tom-ti & fa
I will be creating 
  1. fourth grade: syncopa & high do
  2. fifth grade: ti-tom & ti
  3. fifth grade: tim-ka & ti
And then I'll get a bundle up too.  Soon. . . I hope!  I'm also finishing up a so-mi bundle that has 8 PDF's, Songs/Games & Activities.  Hopefully that will be up Wednesday. . .hopefully. 

I hope you all are well!!

A Collection of Ta & Ti-Ti Songs, PDF's and Worksheets AND a Blog Readers' "Rate it to Get it"

So, I've created my first concept specific packet for Teachers Pay Teachers.  This is something that I have been debating to do.  I want to make products that are accessible and usable for teachers, regardless of their training, experience or background. But I'll be honest that my products are created with the Kodály metholodogy and sequence in mind.  That being said, I also don't want to undermine or sell products that you really need to create on your own when taking a Kodály level.  I know, sounds kind of mean and selfish.  Let me explain.  I did my levels at Portland State (four years worth) and then two more (level II & III) at Colorado State University and I'm going to be teaching level II this summer at CSU.  At Portland State I learned pedagogy from the brilliant, amazing Susan Brumfield.  Then at CSU I had Sue Liethold-Bowcock and Ann Eisen, who, too were amazing and wonderful.  Each of these teachers presented things in a different way.  Some of the things that they taught me are amazing and I use them each and every year.  There are other ideas that I pull out from time to time (you know what I mean.  You go back to your notes or you go to a workshop and you recall something from levels and you say to yourself "oh yeah!  I forgot about that activity or song!!")  And other ideas flopped because either I was so overwhelmed with everything going in my brain that I forgot how to do the activity or I wasn't sold on it and in turn my kids didn't "buy it."

Each of us are going to develop our own style and ways to prepare, present and practice melodic and rhythmic concepts.  You get all these tools and ideas in levels, from your teacher and from your peers.  Some are going to work beautifully and some need to be adapted and tweaked to meet the needs of your kids.  When I started thinking about creating concept specific files I didn't want to give away my concept plans or some of my specific preparation and practice activities because I know that the plans HAVE to be specific to you and that some of the things I do you have to see in action because they are too complex or complicated to explain.  You have to choose your song literature, you have to choose the activities that you like to teach (because face it, you won't sell it to your students if you don't like it).  And with the activities, it's back to the old saying that there's more than one way to skin a cat.  There are a gazillion ways to prepare and practice each concept.  Each are wonderful and amazing and quite frankly creating and selling a file of things that I do that are concept specific overwhelmed me because of how vast of a task that would be!! 

So, I decided to go to the bare bones of ways that each of us prepare and practice elements and make things that really exam at the critical attributes of that element.  So, the meat of this file is 10 PDF files (that you can run like a PowerPoint, the instructions are included or that you can convert into a PDF) that are adaptable so you can use them for either preparing, presenting or practicing Ta & Ti-Ti:
There is notation for 15 songs and chants and games, if applicable.  And I included my ta & ti-ti flashcards.

Here are the songs that are included (I know, three of the songs are in the Bee Bundle, and these are similar but made specific for ta & ti-ti):

There are also worksheets (I'll show you a couple more down below):

Here's an example of one of the PDFs, they are all set up exactly like this, so you can choose what to use out of the file.

There is a lyric slide:

Then a beat slide(s):

Then a rhythm prep slide with iconic representation:

Then the presentation slides.  This notation presents ta and ti-ti written both with and without note heads:

Then immediately applying this knowledge to the song:

Then reading it, this can be for immediate practice (same lesson as presentation) or later practice:

And then one more time with note-heads:

For every PDF there are two matching worksheets (which are in color and black & white):

There is one that is a rhythm chart:
To go with this, for practice after ta & ti-ti I created rhythm strips.  There are multiple rhythms.  I suggest in the file to print each set of rhythms out on different colored papers.  Cut along the lines and then I tell you how many of each rhythm pattern to have in each set that you will then put in an envelope.  This way, you can use the same set of envelopes with all 10 songs (rather than cutting all these strips and tailoring them for each song) AND the color coded strips make it REALLY easy to assess.  As you look around you class to see who has the correct rhythms all you have to do is look at the color:

There is a writing worksheet for that goes with each of the 10 songs in PDF form:
 And then I included rhythm preparation cards.  I have to say that these are one of my favorite visual ways to prepare ta & ti-ti.  (There are cards that match each of the 10 PDFs and the hearts for the chart).  The idea is that the hearts only are in the chart.  The class (or you could use this as a station) derive the way the words go.  This is an example of "Jean Jean":
 (this is my big chart, it can actually hold 16 beats:)

After your kiddos know ta & ti-ti, we then use this in early practice to go from the iconic to the symbolic representation.  As you can see, the first line has been replaced (I usually just stick the cards on top and then sort them later):

And here the whole song has been replaced:

I also use the hearts on a chart like this.  There are paperclips that I inserts into slots that I cut using an exacto knife that hold the cards in place:

Same idea, then the rhythms replace the icons:

This is available at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

If you buy this item, between now & May 1, 2013 AND you rate it on Teachers Pay Teachers, send me an email and I will send you the primary beat strips file for free! (amy.j.abbott@gmail.com) It will be a great addition to your ta & ti-ti prep and practice activities!

Have a GREAT weekend everyone!

Let's Go Fly a Kite!

Saturday I attended the ROCKE workshop in which they sponsored Susan Brumfield as a clinician.  I've mentioned this before, Susan was my pedagogy teacher for four years.  I adore her.  I worship her. I want to be her!! :)  She's a fountain of knowledge and every time I see her I learn SO much and Saturday was also a lot of good review.  I feel refreshed and ready to go back to the classroom after an extended spring break!

One of the things I'm going back to is treble clef review with my 4th and 5th graders as we get ready to "stick recorders in their hands."  Being spring and me wanting to find something different to do with the treble clef I created this kite activity.

The basic idea is that everyone gets a card.  For this reason, I created this activity in two versions: color and black & white.  I know I can't afford to print this out in color for my 200 4th and 5th graders but I could print them out on various colored paper!

They can either cut along the border or cut the actual shapes.  Then they get a string.  They must attach the ties onto their string that match the letters of the word that is spelled out on the kite.  Oh, and they must be in the correct order!  These can either be attached with tape or they could mount them onto a piece of construction paper.  

I used only words that did not have any repeating letters.  I wanted to see how many different pitches they knew.  Here are some of the colored cards:

Oh, and I made some blank cards.  These are designed for students to write their own words and use all the left over tags from all the other kites! :)

You can download the cards here.

I hope you all have a GREAT week!!

Apple Tree: Disappearing Song and Memory PowerPoint

Happy Thursday everyone!  It was an amazingly beautiful day today here in Colorado so my two kiddos and I scooted (okay, they scooted and I walked) to our local park, we had frozen yogurt and played outside the majority of the day.  It was awesome!

But this morning I did finish a file that I started yesterday.  I had to take a break from la songs and made a do disappearing song PowerPoint.  Again, this is set up similarly to the previous files I've made.

This one is for Apple Tree (this song is a gem!)

First, they'll track the beats by pointing to the apples as they sing the song:

Next, they'll clap the rhythm of the song as they sing the text:

Then we'll sing it on rhythm syllables:

Then we'll add the bar lines and meter:

We'll move on to singing the song on solfa:

After that the apples fall from the tree. Really, they do!  With the animation they actually fall and bounce and land by the tree.  They start off falling one by one but then they start falling by twos:

In this slide, all the apples fall and they sing the whole song from memory:

Then, we'll wrap it up by singing the text of the song one more time:

And I would then transition them into the game:

This is available at my Teachers Pay Teachers store! :)

Remember, if you're in Colorado, that Susan Brumfield's workshop is on Saturday!!!  Don't miss it!  Hope to see you there!!!
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