Conferences, Free-For-Alls and Sales, OH MY!

I'm currently at the Colorado State Music teachers conference.  I presented this morning a session called "Chocolate Covered Broccoli", regarding painless assessments.  It's my second year in a row presenting as CMEA and is always so much fun.  But conferences are fun: I love seeing colleagues and friends that teach in different areas of the state, seeing "old" college professors and friends and getting new ideas.  

I'm off to a couple more things and hope to blog on some thought about the conference but wanted to let you all know about the Facebook Free-For-All that is happening this weekend.  Many different grade level teachers are participating as well as some music teacher, including myself and Aileen Miracle.  You can start at my Facebook page and then follow link back to the master "map".  

My product for the Free-For-All is a re file (pentatonic) for the "Winter Games".
I also have made files for all the other melodic elements, and those will be in my TpT store soon, but grab this one while it's free.  It's a really large file that includes MANY flashcards, a relay race (written in both stick and staff notation)

and 8 different "sports" with game directions.

Two of the sports have interactive PowerPoints.  The first is a Figure Skating PowerPoint, in which teams try to complete as many different jumps as possible.  The higher the number of rotations in the jump, the more melodic patterns the students have to correctly read to earn that jump.

Here's the menu slide:
 And here's a sample of the jump slides:

The other is a downhill skiing game in which students try to earn seconds off of the time.  This can be played with multiple teams or just two teams, depending on what your objectives are.

Here's the menu slide:

And a sample slide:

All of these files, plus the rhythmic versions of them can be found in my Teachers Pay Teachers store:

Melodic files:

  1. so-mi
  2. la
  3. do 
  4. re (mi-re-do only)
  5. re (pentatonic)
  6. low la
  7. low so
  8. high do
  9. fa
  10. ti
Rhythmic files:

I hope you all are having a GREAT week!

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  1. LOVE this resource, thank you so much!! :)

  2. I snagged both items from the free for all. Thank you so much for doing this!

    I absolutely love attending music ed conferences. I miss the state one in Illinois. I used to go every year. Sadly, New Jersey doesn't really have anything that I know about. I would love to hear more about your session. I just did a post on student self-assessment, and I always love to get new ideas on ways to make assessment less cumbersome.

  3. Where can I find your Winter Olympic stuff??

    1. Hi Susan!

      They are in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store, listed as "Winter Games" and then by the specific melodic or rhythmic concept. Thanks so much! :)



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