Wish List Wednesday

In case you haven't heard, Teachers Pay Teachers has reached a major milestone!!  AND because of this many teachers are joining in their HUGE sale this Thursday and Friday, including myself and many of my other music teacher friends and TpT sellers!

And so, because of this, I'm hosting my very first Link Party, called Wish List Wednesday:
If you're a blogger, all you have to do is download the "Wish list Wednesday" image above and then blog about some things on your TpT wish list, or on your classroom wish list.  You might want to include something from your store, something from another music teacher's store and something from some one's store who is non-music.  Then, just link up below! :)

Here are a few things I'd like to highlight.

First: something from my store.
I did do a recent blog on my new St. Patrick's Day files, so I'll just highlight a few of the things that are included in that file in addition to flashcards.

There are two interactive PowerPoint Games.  The melodic files include a stick to staff game, here's an example slide:

And the rhythmic files include some rhythmic practice slides, like this one:

There are some "relay cards" that are used in a variety of games, and all the instructions are included in each file. Here's a couple examples of those:

And then there's also the flashcards.

2.  Something from another music teacher's store.
This is from Jamie Parker's store and it's a file call Rotten Eggs. Here's a description:
Good Egg/Rotten Egg Melody Game: So-Mi

This springtime variation of "Could it be so-mi-so-mi?" will have kids delighted to read from the music staff and allow you an opportunity to assess their ability to correctly identify the skip between so and mi.
In this game, a pattern that shows "so-mi-so-mi" in the music staff is a Good Egg. Any other pattern is a Rotten Egg. Included in the product is an activity for small groups or centers, an interactive PowerPoint, and many printable egg patterns.
Here are a few images from Jamie's file:

3. Something from a non-music teacher's store.
Wow, I have a few!! There's a lot of clip art that I like.
Scrappin' Doodles have TONS on my list, including this cute set:
I also have tons of things on my list from Digiclips' store, including this set:
And of course Edusong, this is a super fun baseball set:
And of course there are things from Ashley Hughes and Lovin' Lit that are on my list as well!!

Now, my mom's a music teacher. She would say she's one of those "old fashion" teachers but she's going to take the plunge and make her FIRST Teachers Pay Teachers purchase this week!!! She's been DYING to get one of these awesome Clip It files. Chrystine at "Tweet Music" has these awesome files and I'm most likely going to get one of these sets myself!

I'd love to hear what's on your wish list! And if you're a blogger, please join the party! All you have to do is blog about your wish list and link up by this Friday. It's that easy!


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