Milestones Worth Celebrating

Today I'm linking up with David Row's "Milestones Worth Celebrating" linky party.  Today is my last day of school with kids and tomorrow is a work day. What a great idea to reflect on the year!

School highlights:
*  The school choir and handbells had three successful concerts and musically they have grown SO much.  I'm especially proud of all the gains my choir students made in their part work.
*  Grade level concerts: the kinders performed a very cute "Spring Sing," 1st grade had a very fun and engaging "Songs we LOVE to Sing" concert, 2nd grade's "Singin' Round the Campfire" concert was exceptionally well received, the 3rd graders "Animal" songs concert was loved by the students and parents, the 4th graders did an awesome job with their "Colorado" concert and the 5th grade concert, "Songs that make you go OOoooooo" concert was especially fun.
* The 5th graders made it VERY far in their sequence, so far that we started learning about modes!
* I had an AMAZING student teacher!
*  My students rewarded me everyday in some small way and reminded me of why I got into teaching in the first place.

Professional highlights, 2013-2014:
* I taught level 2 pedagogy (Kodály) at Colorado State last summer and was asked back to teach analysis in addition to pedagogy this summer.
*  I presented two sessions at the Colorado Music Educators Music Conference in January: one titled Chocolate Covered Broccoli and one "Thrifty Treasures".
*  I made my first milestone on Teachers Pay Teachers and I'm only 21 followers short of 1,000!!!
*  Created a Facebook page for Music a la Abbott and I have over 1,500 followers!
*  I was asked to present this summer at the National Dalcroze Conference in June!!!!
*  Had my blog made over by my amazing friend, Terri Bradford, who I've known since kindergarten!

Personal highlights, 2013-2014:
*  I now am a mommy of a 2nd grader!!!  (although he doesn't call me "mommy" anymore. . . insert broken heart here)
*  My daughter completed her first year of preschool and is WANTING to learn to READ this summer.  Heck, she's sounding words out everywhere we go!
*  I started working with a personal trainer and am in better shape then I was in college.  
*  I conquered my fear of box jumps and (shh!) actually LIKE them!
*  My husband and I made it to see the following shows at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts: Book of Mormon, Alton Brown Live!, Evita, Chicago and once.  We bought season tickets for next year and will be going to 10 shows, including "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas" which we're taking our kids to- their first live show!

Thanks again David for hosting this linky party, what a great way to reflect on the school year.  If you're a blogger and would like to join in the party, please click on the image above! :)

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  1. Those are fantastic things to celebrate and remember! Congrats on a great year and thanks for linking up!

  2. Amy, you constantly amaze me! I find your blog so inspiring.


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