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Hi everyone!  I hope that you've had a GREAT Weekend!!!

I'm hosting a Linky Party this week and next week.  Next week it will be "A Music Teacher's Survival Guide for the Last Weeks of School".  This week it's:

You see, TpT is having a BIG sale on Tuesday and Wednesday and you can save up to 28% off products from participating sellers!!!  Woo hoo!!!  This is a GREAT time to stock up on things to use in your classroom as, if you live in the states, you'll have the summer to peruse them at your leisure.  (Admit it, you don't completely turn your teacher brain off, lol!)

1.  My first "MUST HAVE" is a couple things from my TpT store.  I just revamped my King of the Mountain files.  I LOVE this game.  My students LOVE this game!  We use it in 2nd-5th grade with what ever concept they are working on.  I love to play with them, it works great as an informal assessment.   I've also left them in my sub plans.  The kids know how to play it well and actually error detect better then I do!  I also just created a Recorder version of the game that we're going to play this week!  I can't wait!

The other thing, aside from my flashcards, that I could not live with out are my "I Have/Who Has" games.  It's funny because there is no winner in these games but the kids love them.  Again, it's a great informal assessment but the instrument, treble clef and musical symbols games work great in your sub tub!

2.  My second "MUST HAVE" is something that I bought from Aileen Miracle's store, it's her AMAZING "Singing with a Sub" file.  This is the mother load of things that you need to create a sub tub.
This includes listening lessons, worksheets, an MP3 file for an Apple Tree lesson.  It's just loaded with things to keep your students busy and she ties them all into the standards (they're clearly stated in the objectives.

3.  My final "MUST HAVE" are two of the many things on my wish list that I'm buying this week at the sale.  The first is Aileen's "Sub Sequel" called "Out of the Wild".

I can't wait to see all the things she has in this one!!

The other thing that I'm getting is this musical instrument clip art:
I can't wait to use these in some new files!!!  I think my summer work is cut out for me!!!

I hope that you're able to take advantage of the TpT sale.  Remember, if you haven't used all your school budget that TpT will take Purchase orders! :)

Have a great week everyone!  See you for Transition Tuesday!

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