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No, I have not fallen off the blogging world and I promise that one of my professional goals it to get back to blogging more!!! I told a couple friends my blog's theme song lately has been "Don't You Forget About Me" from the Breakfast Club.  Please don't forget about me and come back, I promise I'll blog more! :)

I'm so excited today to link up with Aileen Miracle's blog.

As you might or might not know, tomorrow is Teachers Pay Teacher's BIG BACK to SCHOOL SALE!!!  

Many teachers, including yours truly, will have their stores marked down 20% PLUS with the code BTS14 you can get an additional 8% off!  Have you noticed all the amazing music resources on TpT lately?!!!

Part of the link up is to highlight three things from your store that you're excited to use and one thing from someone else's store.  So.. ..  without further adieu:

From my store:
1.  We're Musician's, What's Your Super Power?  
I love this bundle, and I love that all kids can be "super heroes" in music class.  This bundle highlights students' strengths, promotes teamwork and musicianship skills and reinforces classroom learning. 
 There are behavior reinforcement charts:

 There are positive behavior reinforcement cards (There are also negative behavior forms to be sent home and a clip chart, if you use one in your classroom.) These can be printed in black and white, as well!
 There are solo performance and solo singing certificates to encourage participation:
 There are Solfége charts:

 Additionally, there's also banners, "we can" posters, and much more!!  These are also sold individually.  

I also just added an instrument poster set:

1.  Game files for centers and my sub tub!
I made a lot of games last May and I'm so excited to have these to leave when I have a sub or to use in centers, if I can figure out how to do that effectively when some of my classes will have music only once a week (that's another post!)

Here are a couple: 
 This is a collection of leveled board games in which the students practice known rhythms.  There's also a dice option in which students can use the critical attributes of specific rhythms to identify note values and advance on the board.
 This one I'm really excited about, it practices the notes of the treble clef and includes different levels: space notes only, line notes only, notes on the staff only and notes with ledger lines:
 There are also a bunch of UNO, Go Fish, Old Maid games and more that I can't wait to print out on card stock and put in my sub tub!!!

3.  Mind-Boggling Rhythms:
I'm excited to see how the kiddos do with this as a composition exercise.  It can also be left for subs!

4.  Aileen Miracle's Essectial Questions:
We all know about the new musical standard and I can't wait to print out these cards and use them with my kiddos.  This is a great way to present the essential questions for the kids.  Additionally, it'll challenge them to think about specifics and tie it into their standards based curriculum.

I hope you all have happy shopping!  My store will be on sale, now through Wednesday. Remember, though, that you can use the code BTS14 on Monday and Tuesday to get that additional 8% off!!!

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