A Fun Find, a Giveaway and $2Tuesday!

Hi everyone!  Happy Labor Day!!!

I've been meaning to blog about this fun find that I got at the Disney Store.  Yes, Kodály teacher meets the Disney Store and takes home treasures for the classroom, lol!  This one was just too fun to pass by!

Meet Olaf!!!

Isn't he cute?!  I love that he's holding a Lute, too!  Here's what he looks like in the box:

So, you see that he comes with different parts.  Essentially, he's a Mr. Potato Head!  Now you might have seen Denise Gagne's Mr. Potato Head solo singing activity.  If not, follow this link.  I plan on using it that way but I also make up patterns that do the same thing using the melodic elements that kiddos are working on.  Additionally, I've played a flashcard game. In this game, the students solo sing a flashcard that practices whatever melodic element we're working on.  Once they're done they get to add a piece to Mr. Potato Head, or in this case, Olaf.

I love finding treasures like this that really build that connection with kids.  That's one reason why I have a Lego Theme right now.  When I make things I do try to make them last a while and be not so trendy.  While the Lego Theme has some trendy things, like the Treble Clef "Where are My Pants?!" Game, Legos are pretty timeless.

Another thing that is timeless is the Tooth Fairy.  This is an idea that's been brewing for a while.  Again, it's about building connections.  I can't tell you the amount of times a kiddo comes to class ready to share that they lost their tooth or better yet, they lose their tooth in class.  I wanted to take that opportunity to make it musical so I came up with some aural decoding games and rhythmic practice activities and worksheets.  The ta ti-ti version is done with a rest, so-mi and la version coming out soon.   Best of all, it's my $2Tuesday file and you can get it now through tomorrow for only $2!!!  After that it will go back to the price of $6.

Here's a little preview:

The final thing for today, I've reached 1,300 followers on TpT!!!  Woo Hoo!!!  I haven't ever done anything big to celebrate a TpT milestone so I thought it was time I revved up Rafflecopter and made a Giveaway!  You can enter to win one of the three following files:

So, enter today. Enter tomorrow. Keep entering until September 13 (ha ha , 13. 1,300 followers.  LOVE the number 13!)  If you already own these I'll give you store credit instead.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks to you all for being so amazing!!! I hope you have a GREAT 4-day week!!!

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