My Music Room Set-Up

It's official, I survived the first week of school, lol!  There were a couple times that I didn't think it would happen, just kidding!!!

Today I'm linking up with Aileen Miracle at Mrs. Miracle's Music Room:

I meant to do this post before school but I was waiting for 1 FINAL touch, lol!

This year I decided to go all out in Legos!  Last year I made a couple files that were really successful with my kiddos: "The Treble Clef is AWESOME!" and "The Bass Clef is AWESOME!"  I also have a HUGE work in progress that I've been working on and off on since April called "Recorder is AWESOME".  (I'm really excited about trying to finish this up because my kids were the most successful they've ever been on recorders with some of the new strategies that I tried).  So, I dove right in and I have to attribute my lovely niece Ellie for helping me cut out many little Lego guys to make this possible.  Here she is with the bulletin board outside my classroom (isn't she sweet?!):

When you step into my room this is what it looks like to the right of the doorway:
 Here's a kitty-corner view from the door into the room:
 Here's pretty much across the room from the door.  To the left is my desk and then the "front" of the room where the LCD projector is projected.

Above my desk is NOT Lego's, it's my Bronco area.  Completely NOT musical, but I think it's important to have little aspect of who you are outside of a musician in your classroom.  It allows for the kids to have another connection with you.  I live in Bronco territory and bleed orange and blue.  The bonus of having my Broncos stuff out is that I have that extra connection with most of the boys in my classroom.  If they don't like the Broncos then we always "take friendly bets" on the games.  I also have to have pictures of my two kids and this year I have the sign that says "Amy".  That's a little piece of paper near and dear to my heart that reminds me of the lovely level 2 students I had the honor of working with this summer- they used it in their final skit! :)

Here's the front of the room, my screen is up and you can see that my daughter has been playing here, lol!

These are my MUSIC behavioral reminder signs.  I like to put them low so that they are at kid level:

 To the left of the picture above is a mini-counter that I have. It's awesome and I don't know why I didn't get a picture! But it has drawers that are about 2-5 inches in depth (depending on the drawer, they vary in size), and are about 4 feet by 3 feet.  They are PERFECT for storing teaching posters and manipulatives!  Above that is my "Do I Get It?" board.  This is what I use for students to check their levels of understanding.

To the left of that is a bookcase above which I have two music framed art that my PTO gave me and a picture of the most recent Red Hawk Recital participants.  The Red Hawk Recital is my version of a talent show.
 Here's a better view of the bookcase and that corner to the left of my door:

This is my behavior chart that has since come down. I'm replacing it, you'll see with what later in the post.  
 I love this storage!  The top is filled with all my manipulatives.  Um, yea.  And they don't all fit in there, hence all the stuff up on top.  The bottom is filled with drums, Orff instruments, tone chimes and some file boxes of music (I don't have a file cabinet nor do I have any wall space for one).  While this storage is amazing a kindergartner reminded me last week why I don't like it.  He said, "If this is the music room, where are the instruments?"  Well, we were playing hand drums and those were out but he's right, you walk into a music room and you expect to see all the instruments out!  
 The "back of the classroom"

 Here's a close up of the Instrument Bulletin Board:

 And here's a close up of the "Singing is Awesome" Bulletin Board:

This houses a lot of the non-pitched percussion instruments, some step bells and more manipulatives (and it's not as tidy as usual):

This is my new solfa ladder, it's on the beam between the windows closest to the risers:

And here are some elements of music (music symbols, dynamics and tempos)

Here's what it looks like from a distance:

So, I mentioned that I'm getting rid of my behavior chart.  You know, the main reason I had one was to help my student teacher last year.  I had never had one before.  Truth be told, I always forgot to use it.  This year, I'm going to apply the same principals as my "Do I Get It?" board to this new "Self Check-In" board.  This hasn't been posted up on the wall yet, but here's a peek at the posters, they too will have a banner just like the "Do I Get It?" board.  
 What I like about them is that the students are going to do self-check-ins.  I told them that I already know where they are but it's important for them to know too.  And these will directly transfer to what's expected of their behavior on our report cards.

Now, for the final piece for my room that I was waiting on before I could post. . ..  drum roll please (gosh, I'm a dork).. . .. .. .

Are you ready?!!!

A LEGO chair!!!  lol!!!  I had to.  I thought they would be so fun to use as solo performer seats.  And I have a couple little guys that are on the spectrum that need a chair to sit during class.  I actually have ordered another set that's blue (yes, Bronco colors, lol!)
The kids were so excited to use them last week and my kids (Noah and Hannah) has SUCH fun putting them together.

All of the "Music is Awesome!!" Bulletin Boards can be found at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Again, thanks to the amazing Aileen Miracle for hosting this linky party!  I hope that you all have an AWESOME start to your year!!!

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Wishlist Wednesday

 Hi there everyone!  Yikes, this school year has been like sitting on the beach and the tide is gradually rising but all of a sudden it engulfs you.  That's been August, lol!  I have some posts coming up but in case you haven't heard I wanted to let you know of the BIG TpT sale.  Sale again?!  Yep!  TpT decided to surprise people with a bonus shopping day!

So, tonight I'm linking up with Aileen Miracle's Wish list Wednesday linky party!  Part of the linky party is to blog about one product of your own and two by other TpT sellers.

The first item I'd like to highlight is a product of my own.  I'm teaming up with some other music teachers, a portion of all the proceeds of this product will be going to a music teacher friend in need. My "teachershelpingteachers" product is my Treble Clef is Awesome set.  I used this last year with my kids and they really "got it" and I tried to provide a lot of different activities.
** Thanks to Jena Hudson at Sew Much Music for the darling promo picture! :)

The next one I've had my eye on since we did the BIG giveaway in July and that is a file by the amazing Tracy King!  These Exit Tickets would be a great way to bring closure to class and have the student really think about what they learned in class.

The final (not really, but the final one I'm going to blog about) product on my wishlist is this set of Band Music Kid Doodles by Jamie Harnar.  
I just love those smiling kids and while I have a lot of music clipart there's something that just warms my heart with this set!

I can't wait to share with you later this week about my classroom and the decor set that I have ALMOST finished. I actually hope to get it up by tomorrow for the sale!

I hope you all that are back to school are having a great time teaching and those of you that haven't start yet, enjoy an afternoon at the pool for me! :)

a Kodaly inspired blog Amy Abbott Colorado music elementary teacher ideas files downloads
music a la abbott music education teacher resources teaching elementary kodaly musical concepts teachers pay teachers amy abbott

Products for Prep- a Link Up!

No, I have not fallen off the blogging world and I promise that one of my professional goals it to get back to blogging more!!! I told a couple friends my blog's theme song lately has been "Don't You Forget About Me" from the Breakfast Club.  Please don't forget about me and come back, I promise I'll blog more! :)

I'm so excited today to link up with Aileen Miracle's blog.

As you might or might not know, tomorrow is Teachers Pay Teacher's BIG BACK to SCHOOL SALE!!!  

Many teachers, including yours truly, will have their stores marked down 20% PLUS with the code BTS14 you can get an additional 8% off!  Have you noticed all the amazing music resources on TpT lately?!!!

Part of the link up is to highlight three things from your store that you're excited to use and one thing from someone else's store.  So.. ..  without further adieu:

From my store:
1.  We're Musician's, What's Your Super Power?  
I love this bundle, and I love that all kids can be "super heroes" in music class.  This bundle highlights students' strengths, promotes teamwork and musicianship skills and reinforces classroom learning. 
 There are behavior reinforcement charts:

 There are positive behavior reinforcement cards (There are also negative behavior forms to be sent home and a clip chart, if you use one in your classroom.) These can be printed in black and white, as well!
 There are solo performance and solo singing certificates to encourage participation:
 There are Solfége charts:

 Additionally, there's also banners, "we can" posters, and much more!!  These are also sold individually.  

I also just added an instrument poster set:

1.  Game files for centers and my sub tub!
I made a lot of games last May and I'm so excited to have these to leave when I have a sub or to use in centers, if I can figure out how to do that effectively when some of my classes will have music only once a week (that's another post!)

Here are a couple: 
 This is a collection of leveled board games in which the students practice known rhythms.  There's also a dice option in which students can use the critical attributes of specific rhythms to identify note values and advance on the board.
 This one I'm really excited about, it practices the notes of the treble clef and includes different levels: space notes only, line notes only, notes on the staff only and notes with ledger lines:
 There are also a bunch of UNO, Go Fish, Old Maid games and more that I can't wait to print out on card stock and put in my sub tub!!!

3.  Mind-Boggling Rhythms:
I'm excited to see how the kiddos do with this as a composition exercise.  It can also be left for subs!

4.  Aileen Miracle's Essectial Questions:
We all know about the new musical standard and I can't wait to print out these cards and use them with my kiddos.  This is a great way to present the essential questions for the kids.  Additionally, it'll challenge them to think about specifics and tie it into their standards based curriculum.

I hope you all have happy shopping!  My store will be on sale, now through Wednesday. Remember, though, that you can use the code BTS14 on Monday and Tuesday to get that additional 8% off!!!

a Kodaly inspired blog Amy Abbott Colorado music elementary teacher ideas files downloads
music a la abbott music education teacher resources teaching elementary kodaly musical concepts teachers pay teachers amy abbott
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