Music Road Trip: Final Stop & Happy 4th of July!!!

Hi everyone!!!

I hope that you enjoyed the #MusicRoadTrip!!!  I'm so glad that my friends, Aileen, Karla, Jena and Malinda went a long on the ride with us!!!

This is our final destination!!!  I want to continue my part work post but I want to let you know of some other things that are going on this week!!

I'm hosting a Music Teacher's 4th of July 4-day celebration and a bunch of other music teacher on TpT are joining in the fun!  Here's the schedule for the next 4 days:

So, as you can see, tomorrow you'll have access to TONS of freebies to download!  Head over to TpT and search July1stMusicFreedomFreebie or click here.  My freebies is my Presidential and Patriotic Beat Strips!!!  These are normally $5, but on July 1st they are FREE!!!

Then on Thursday there will be A LOT of $4 deals, just search $4MusicFlashSale.

And on Friday & Saturday we're putting our stores on sale! My entire store will be 20% off!!

Speaking of my store, I noticed that I'm only 9 followers away from 2,000!!!

If you are a current follower you know that I sent out a big freebie folder to my followers when I hit 1,900 followers.... I wonder what I could conjure up for 2,000 followers!!  Let's find out!  Please share my store with your colleagues and ask them to follow me to get updates on new products and followers-only freebies!

I hope you all have an AMAZING 4th of July and enjoy the festivities over at TpT!!

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