Super Sale Instant Replay!!

Hi everyone!  I'm so happy to be teaming up with my friend, Aileen Miracle, to host a linky party called "Super Sale Instant Replay"!!!

We're very excited that TpT has decided to throw a 1-day bonus sale on Wednesday, August 19th!!  A lot of sellers, including ourselves, are marking their stores at 20% off!  And if you use the TpT code at check out you'll get another 8% off your total!! The key is, don't forget to use the code: MORE15

So, for this linky we're going to blog about at least one thing that we wish we would have purchased at the last TpT sale two weeks ago and a new item that we have added to our store since the last sale.

First, there are a couple things that I wish I would have bought at the last store.  First is this set, "Great Big House":
Aileen was actually the one that told me about it.  I's a collection of folk songs with Orff arrangements.  And she said that it's really well done!

The other thing that I can't wait to get, that I wish I would have bought at the last sale, is this file by Tanya LeJeune:
Tanya teaches level 1 at CSU with me (I teach level 2) and all things that she creates are really solid and well done.  I know this will be a GREAT compliment to teaching skips, steps and leaps with my students!

A couple of things that I've added to my store?!  Well, the one I'm most excited about is the "Recorder is AWESOME" file:
 This file is HUGE and I'll be adding more to it over the next 10 weeks.  It has multiple performance books that have 9 levels (white, yellow, orange, green, purple, blue, red, brown and black) that have a counting system that I use but also a version that is editable so you can write your own rhythm durations syllables in!  In the next 10 weeks I'll be adding "build your own performance" books in which the pages are done, you simply enter which of the 9 levels you'd like the song to be in your book!
 There are also teaching PDF for all the songs, not only the ones in the books but all the songs that will be in the "Build your own performance book" files!
 And there are interactive games, fingering charts, practice reminder posters, recorder playing instructions, and more!
Within the next 10 weeks I will also be adding worksheets/workbooks for each of the scaffolded levels and each week the file will go up $2 to accomodate the new files. It is a HUGE file so there will be a Dropbox link in which you can get the new files that will be added.

I've added two more files, a Piano UNO fingering game and a Picnic Pattern game for tika-tika (more to come with this one!)

I'm so excited to go shopping on Wednesday!  I'm also excited to read about what you have on your wishlist!!

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