Carnival of the Animals

I've posted a couple of my other "old-school" listening maps from "The Carnival of the Animals": The Aquarium & The Elephant.

Here are the remaining listening maps that I've made:

The Lion:  
I use this to teach/reinforce the following: introduction & coda, crescendo (represented by the trees gradually getting larger), pitch direction (the squiggly blue lines on the second poster), duration (the red lines on the second poster) and form.
The Lion, poster #1
The Lion, poster 2
The People With Long Ears:
I use this to teach/reinforce pitch and duration.  The donkeys jumping are symbolic of the high part glissando played on the violin and the long lines that follow are the low pitches the violin plays.
The People With Long Ears
The Swan:
This is my favorite movement of "The Carnival of the Animals".  I use it to teach legato and to teach about the Cello.  After students are familiar with it, we improvise movements to describe the music using scarves.
I haven't shown my kids this video yet, as I just ran into it on Pinterest this spring, but I'll be showing this the next time we study "The Swan."  This is AMAZING:

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