Freddy Oaka

This is a gem that I just discovered this past year.  I use it with third grade; first for tika-ti and then later in the year for low sol.  It's now become my tika-ti presentation song: I LOVE the fact that the text matches the name of the rhythmic element!!  And, it's got a great game that the kiddos love. ..  not only in 3rd grade, but also in 4th and 5th grades (makes for great "back-to-school" review in these grades for low sol and tika-ti.).

Everyone sits in a circle with left hand palm up and right hand palm up on neighbor’s left hand. Sing through the song tapping neighbor’s right hand with own right hand, on beat, one person at a time. (Start somewhere in the circle and pass tap around the circle). When the song gets to “oh no” the person that just got tapped says a number between 2-20. That person passes a tap and the tap gets passed until the designated number is spoken. When the person is about the say the designated number, the person who is about to be tapped pulls their hand away. If the person misses, they are out of the circle. If the person doesn’t miss, the student who is tapped is out of the circle.


  1. My students loved Freddy Oaka and it was perfect for where we were at the time working on different elements, do you know the source you got it from? I'd like to put it in my song collection!

    1. Jenny, I don't. I'll do some digging, I just found it in a source that all the Kodály teachers in my district contributed to. I'll keep you posted!

    2. Thank you! I will continue to dig as well, I haven't been able to find it yet!


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