This is a favorite of mine that I learned it from Sue Leithold-Bowcock.  If you search it, you can find some fun videos of people performing it; I found one video of it being sung at a wedding, one of someone using it in their classroom with their kiddos, one of a group of adults singing it with a guitar player in the middle, etc..  I must admit: I don't know the origin. I'm assuming Polish but please don't quote me!  If you know the source, please share!

The kids love this one and it really makes them step outside their comfort zone.  That being said, the more you know your kids and the more comfortable and willing to take risks they are the more fun the dance.  This is a GREAT song for low ti and teaching cadences.

Translation: We shall dance the Labadu (nonsense word).


Each repetition of the song you circle first to the left and then to the right. Each time you hold hands a different way:
Holding hands normally
Hands touching each others' shouldersd
Hands on neighbors' ankles
Hands touching neighbors' ears
Hands touching neighbors' noses
Hands through arms (linking arms)
One arm reaching back through the legs, the other holding the hand of the person in front of you (like an elephant parade)
Hands through arms, seated, moving on bottoms


  1. I know this is an old post, but thought I'd share. I learned it in levels I think, and I believe it's actually Danish!

    1. Hi Andrea, thank you so much!!! I had a feeling someone would know better! THANKS!


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