Pumpkin Pumpkin

Phew, what a busy month September was! Looking back, I barely posted this month!!

I have to admit, I'm glad that October is here. I LOVE fall. . . I love the change of the season and I'll be honest, I love the fun music repertoire that Halloween brings.

One of my favorites is Pumpkin, Pumpkin.  I use this in 3rd grade.  My students learn tika-tika in the early fall and they already are able to read the do-pentatonic scale so it's completely accessible for the students to read the rhythm, solfa and absolute pitch names.

Here's the song:

I teach a dance mixer that I thought was totally original. . . and right after I "created" it I went to a ROCKE workshop with Sanna Longden and she did almost and identical dance with it!

Formation:  Single circle, facing partners.
  1. On "pumpkin pumpkin round and fat" the pattern is pat-clap-pat-clap-pat-clap-partner (both hands patting partners' hands)
  2. "Turn into a jack-o-lantern"- with hands touching paterner's hands, trade places with partner
  3. "Just like that"- pat parterner's hands three times then jump and turn 180 degrees to face a new partner
  4. The dance continues until you return to your first partner.
Here's an extention activity with Pumpkin Pumpkin as a mystery song:

Here's to a Happy October!! :)

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