Let's Hide The Pumpkin

This is a fun singing game to do with your kinders.  I learned it from Lamar Robertson and it can be found in the book that he co-authored with Ann Eisen, An American Methodology.  This is a must have for your teaching library and worth EVERY penny!!  If you don't have it put it on your Christmas/Hanukkah/Birthday list!!

Here's the song:

Action:  One student is blindfolded and one student is given a small pumpkin.  The class sings the first line all together.  The blindfolded student sings the second line, "Who has the pumpkin, who has the pumpkin?" and the student with the pumpkin answers, "I have the pumpkin, I have the pumpkin."  The student in the center then has three guesses as to who has the pumpkin.

In the past I used a real pumpkin, you know those itty-bitty pumpkins that they have for decoration.  But Target was THE place to get Halloween manipulatives this year (che!  They had these pumpkin erasers that I used for the game this year:

Now, I mentioned Target was THE place for Halloween manipulatives this year: they also has skeleton, black cat and ghost erasers.  My son is one of my kindergartners and it's funny how much I learn from him.  Well, one morning this week he found the skeletons and started singing "Let's hide the skeleton, let's hide the skeleton."  So, this week we changed it up and switched the words.  You could EASILY adapt this to work with any "theme or subject" you are doing.  Here are a few ideas:
November: use a small turkey
December: a jingle bell
January: a snow flake
February: a Valentine
March: a shamrock
April: a rain drop
May: a flower
The possibilities are endless!!

Back to the pumpkin erasers, what a great find!  We also used them in third grade as a fun, different way to write rhythms that include tika-tika.  

A "different" way to write the same rhythm:

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