For Thy Gracious Blessings

I don't know what you're Thanksgiving vacations look like, but I am VERY happy to announce that I'm on VACATION!!!  It's been a long fall.  Last year was our opening year and for some reason this year has been so much harder.  AND I'm in the middle of a big fundraisers so tomorrow I will be at school with two parent volunteers inputting Holiday Wreath orders.  But I digress. . .

Here's a round that I love to do this time of year.  It feel like it really matches the thankfulness of the season.  Teaching in a public school, I have never had complaints about the "L" word (Lord). . . but I've not tried it at my new school yet.  (However my 5th graders sang "Inscription of Hope" and that uses the phrase "I believe in God" and no one complained.)

Here's the round:

This is really a beautiful round.  It's wonderful to use for phrasing and expression.  And it works nicely with hand bells or tone-chimes; I have them play E and G on the first beat of each measure.
Have a good weekend everyone!

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