Turkey Gobbler

This has become one of my ALL-TIME favorite songs for Thanksgiving.  It's great for right before break because the kids LOVE the game but it's also great for do-re-mi-so intervallic practice.  In my Portland State University Kodály levels and in some of the SWOKE (Southern Washington and Oregon Kodály Educators) workshops we browsed each others collections and exchanged songs.  So, this in one of the gems that I got from Melissa Roth (who's now teaching in Texas).

Here's the song:

Here's the game:
Formation:  students seated in a circle on in rows.
Action:  one student goes into the hallway and can't see into the classroom.  The teacher or a chosen student hides a "turkey" somewhere in the room.  The only condition is that part of the turkey has to be still visible to all the students in the class.  (I have a fun stuffed turkey that we hide but there have been times when that turkey has "gone missing" and I've used a die cute of a turkey.)  Once the turkey is hidden, the student comes back in the room and the turkey hunt begins.  The hunter has the class helping them, as they sing the song more quietly as the hunter gets closer to the hidden turkey and louder when the hunter moves away from the turkey.

As a warm up, I've made this turkey tone ladders.  I will sing a solfége pattern and the class (or individual, if you'd like to use it an assessment) echos back while pointed to the appropriate solfa.  Depending on the stage of practice that your student are in you can also sing patterns on neutral syllables, such as "loo" and have then echo back in solfége.

For an extension activity, I have created a stick-to-staff game.  The students work in groups of 2-3 and each group has a set of the following cards that are cut so that there is one turkey on a card.  They must match the stick notation to the staff notation and put the song in order.  Generally, they will put the turkeys with the stick notation in one row (in the order of the song) and the turkeys with the staff notation in a row below it (with the corresponding staff-notation turkey below the stick-notation turkey).

This song and many more are included in my Songs for Thanksgiving set:

I just visited my good friend, Tanya LeJeune's blog, and she too posted about this song!  It's really a gem.  For more great ideas and for a different singing game, check out her post by clicking here.

I'll be posting some more Turkey ideas this week!  In the meantime, have a GREAT Monday!


  1. Wow!!! Thanks so much for all of the great stuff! I just downloaded the musiced fonts and used them today! What a great help.

  2. Love this! Used the song and adapted some of your game ideas for my kids....they ate it up!


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