Turkey Rhythm Game

I have some fun Turkey songs that I'm going to be posting soon, but as I'm sitting outside my daughter's bedroom waiting for her to fall asleep (poor baby, it's been a long week: I've been gone two nights these for school performances so she's having "mommy-withdrawal) . . ..  so I don't dare leave to get my camera where I have my pictures for those posts!!!

So, instead, I'm creating some PowerPoint's to use with my classes this week.  We have school Monday- Thursday and then we are off Friday through the Monday after Thanksgiving.  This means that the kids will be in full-swing "Thanksgiving-VACATION-mode" this week.  I want them to have fun while still having academic, meaningful lessons (I see some of my classes on a four-day rotation which means this is 1 of the 4 times I will see them this month, I've got to squeeze as much out of my time with them as I can!)

Here's the PowerPoint that I created and I have changed it to incorporate rhythmic reading for all of my grade levels, 1st-5th grades.  I'll show you all of the slides of the 1st grade PowerPoint and then some sample slides of 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th grades.  

First Grade Turkey Rhythms:

Each Turkey has a slide that is hyperlinked to the number on the turkey (in other words, by clicking on the turkey's number it will bring you to a slide).  The linked slide will either have a rhythm or a part of your Thanksgiving Dinner: the kids will want to find the turkey, corn, yam, bread and pumpkin pie.  I thought this might add more of a game element to it. . . keeping that suspense of will there be a part of dinner or will it be a rhythm?

Here's the slide linked to turkey #1 (you will return to the "Turkey menu" but clicking on the cooked turkey icon in the lower-right-hand corner):
 Here's the slide linked to turkey #2:
 Here's the slide linked to turkey #3:
 Here's the slide linked to turkey #4:
 Here's the slide linked to turkey #5:
 Here's the slide linked to turkey #6:
 Here's the slide linked to turkey #7:
 Here's the slide linked to turkey #8:
 Here's the slide linked to turkey #9:
 Here's the slide linked to turkey #10:
 Here's the slide linked to turkey #11:
 Here's the slide linked to turkey #12:

Here's some sample slides from my 2nd grade PowerPoint, we are practicing half note:

 Here are sample slides for 3rd grade, we're practicing tika-tika:

 Here's sample slides for 4th grade, we're preparing syn-co-pa, so we are reading rhythms with single ti's:

 Here are 5th grades slides (normally we would be practicing tom-ti and be preparing tim-ka, but this is my second year with them.  So, we are practicing syn-co-pa and preparing tom-ti):

All of these slides were used with MusicEd font for the rhythms.  I'm going to try to post downloads on a google site, so if you would like to download these PowerPoint you "should" be able to do so by clicking here.  (Do keep in mind, you'll need the MusicEd font in order to read the rhythms.  I guarantee it will be the best $25 you'll ever spend!!)  I would love any feedback on how downloading from the google site works for you. . . or if there's a better way to share files!

Happy Saturday!


  1. Amy, I did not know about the MusicEd font...I seriously think you have changed my life!!! :)

    1. You bet!!! A teacher in my district told me about it and I swear I use in my teaching everyday in one way or another! Like I said, it's the best $25 dollars you'll spend. . .. make sure you look at all the key functions (you can add ties, articulation, rests, keyboard pics, solfa handsigns, etc!)

      Have a GREAT week!

  2. I clicked on "here" and it took me to a blank page that said forbidden. So, I wasn't able to see the turkey rhythm powerpoint.

    1. Hi there!

      I'm so sorry about that, I need to update this post. I was uploading files to a site before I started posting them on Teacher Pay Teachers. I'm going to be getting those uploaded in the next couple of weeks and then I'll be putting the links into this post for where you can download them. Sorry about that! :)

      Have a GREAT weekend!


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