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I was home today with a sick 2 year old.  She's been really sick since Sunday and I was heartbroken that I had to take her to Nana's house yesterday but I had a Drum, Tone-chime Choir and Choir concert and it was one of those days that I HAD to be at school.  Being convinced that she had strep, I took today off.  Needless to say, she didn't have strep and by this afternoon was MUCH more like her spunky little self.  The reason I mention this is that this morning she was still really tired:  A LOT of laying around, cuddling, watching Nick Jr. all morning tired.

So, when she took a really long nap I worked on some melodic and rhythmic reading practice cards.  I wanted something that I could use that's "cute and seasonal" but not be tied down to "Christmas" and also not overlook any of the other holidays that are going on right now.

That made me think of presents and name-tags.  So, I made a rhythm matching version of the game and made the cards progressively more difficult, from ta ti-ti to ti-tom.  Some day I WILL get to tim-ka but that won't be until next year (and this game, rhythmically, is a little too simple for that concept- in my opinion).  The general idea is to cut the cards on the dotted lines and each concepts will have 4 presents and 4 tags.  They must match the gift tag to the present.  Here are a couple examples:

 I also made a melodic version.  The solfa on the presents is represented spatially and on the gift tag it's on the staff.  This is a higher level thinking task.  Again, there are 4 gifts and 4 tags for each diatonic pitch, from so-mi to ti.  Here are the easiest and hardest examples:

These can be found at my Teachers Pay Teachers store: rhythm game and melody game.  Be on the look out for a free PowerPoint of "Auld Lang Syne," coming in the next few days to my store (don't worry, I'll blog about it too!)

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  1. I like the idea of packages and gift tags. I have to be really careful about holiday specific symbols at my school, so this would be a great way for me to incorporate using manipulatives during the holiday season. Thanks for sharing.


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