Tee Hee Hee/Johnny Caught a Flea

This is a fun song that I learned from Christopher Robertson that he used at a ROCKE workshop in 2003.  It's a great song for do and practicing the so-do interval.

Here's the song:

 I created a PowerPoint for it that can also be used to prepare and practice quarter rest.  Here's the lyric slide:

Here the words are compared to the beat:

Here the rhythm is represented iconically:

Here's a quarter rest preparation slide in which ta and ti-ti have replaces the text:

And here's a quarter rest practice slide:

Like I mentioned above, I use this song to practice do in the so-do interval.  Here are the melodic slides:

 The next three slides can be used if you are preparing do and you present it in the so-do interval.  (I, personally, teach do in the so-mi-do pattern but there's always more then "one way to skin a cat.")
 The next two slides are presentation slides. . . each line of text is set to animation so they appear individually and allow for the students to respond to the question before seeing the answer:

 And here's the practice slide.  I use this slide in sequential order with the other melodic slides as I use this song for practicing do (that is, I eliminate the three previous slides that prepare and present do):

I created solfa ladders that can be used in conjunction with the melodic slides of the PowerPoint or for do-mi-so-la practice:

And, finally, here's a quick assessment.  I print out these cards, cut them along the dotted lines and the students put the song in order.

 Finally, here's a slide with the lyric, rhythm and melody from which the students can practice reading either rhythm or solfége.
You can download this file at my Teacher Pay Teachers store.  Be sure to check my store tomorrow for a free file of "Auld Lang Syne"!

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