Valentine's Day Games

Valentine's Day?!!  What?!!  I know, I know, I'm as bad as all the stores but let me explain: I have concerts coming up this springs.  My third graders have a concert in February and my 2nd & 3rd graders have their concerts in April.  This is in addition to my choir, drums & tone-chimes having two more concerts (one in March and one in May).  Because of this I HAVE to be a planner.  So, because I know that my February is going to be heavily concentrated on concert prep for third grade and extra-curricular groups I'm getting some of the planning out of the way now.

Before Christmas I made a Christmas tree PowerPoint activity that my kiddos loved and from the feedback on Teachers pay Teachers, a lot of other kiddos enjoyed it as well.  Now, my school is a "healthy-focus" school: we have a huge movement program, a school garden and a very regimented list of things kids can and can NOT bring for snacks.  Because of this, I can't do my fun Brach's Candy Heart melodic dictation that I usually do.  (I guess in the long run it save me some $$. . . but it forces me to think outside the box).

So, I created these Power Points that are tailored for each grade level.  A couple grade levels have two Power Points.  I know that some schools in our district are on a 4 day rotation so they haven't gotten through some of the melodic and rhythmic concepts yet (but will soon) so I made two version to fit both  needs.

Here's the general idea: the class will be broken into two teams.  The two teams will visit three different shops to collect Valentine's day presents.  If the team answers the slide correctly they collect the card associated with that slide.  These cards can be put on a tally board on an easel/white board or you can give each team a basket in which to place their cards.

Let's walk through the PowerPoint:

Here is the main slide:
By clicking on the text or picture it will being you to a "menu" slide for each of these shops.

Here's the Candy Shop's "Menu."  By clicking on the box of candy or the number, a melodic slide for the team to read will appear:

Here's the Flower Shop's "Menu."  By clicking on a bouquet of flowers or the number, you will be directed to the corresponding "theory" slide for the team to answer. (These slides vary with the grade level and are based on the Common Core Standards and some of the "nuts and bolts" things that students don't necessarily "perform" but need to know):

Here's the Stuffed Animal Shop's "Menu."  These will direct you to a rhythm slide for the team to perform.

Here are some examples of 1st grade slides:

I did two version of the 1st grade PowerPoint, with the only difference being the melodic slides.  My classes have NOT been presented with so-mi yet.  So, I created a PowerPoint that uses "High/Low" and one that uses so-mi.  Here's an example of a so-mi slide:

Here are some examples of 2nd grade slides:

 Here are some examples of the 3rd grade PowerPoint that uses tika-tika and do-pentatonic:

In the other 3rd Grade PowerPoint, the red "theory slides" are the same but the rhythms used include ti-tika and the melodic slides incorporate low la:

Here are some 4th grade slides:

Here are some 5th grade slides:

Finally, here are the "tally" cards that correspond with each of the slides.  If you use this with multiple grade levels, you only need to print out one set of cards as they can be used with each grade.  When a team performs or answers a question correctly, they get to put that card on their side of the tally board or in their basket.  The goal is to collect as many of these as possible.  The cards also serve as a good was of keeping track of which  slides have not been taken yest.

I can't wait to play this with my kids, they loved the Christmas tree game and it was a fun way to keep them engaged and motivated when they were so excited about the upcoming holiday!

If you would like one or more of these sets, they are available on my Teachers Pay Teachers store:
  1. First grade (high/low melodic slides)
  2. First grade (so-mi slides)
  3. Second grade
  4. Third grade: tika-tika & do pentatonic
  5. Third grade: ti-tika & low la
  6. Fourth grade
  7. Fifth grade

While uploading these today to Teachers pay Teachers, I noticed that they are trying to limit the size of the "Free Files" that teachers can post.  This is, they are frowning on giving away files that are more then 10 pages (2-5 pages is what they recommend).  I will continue to post freebies from time to time but starting in February I will be giving away a "monthly freebie."  Because this will entail me emailing it to you, I don't see that this freebie will fall under those restrictions.  If you follow me, you will receive a note from me in your Teachers pay Teachers "inbox" on how to obtain that freebie. :)

I hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. I bought the 1st and 2nd grade Valentine's Day PPts. The rhythm does not show as rhythm but letters! I suppose I have to put my own rhythm in the ppt!

  2. Oh no!!! That's an error!!! Here's my email, please email me and I'll send you the fixed file. I"m SO sorry about that!!!!!!

  3. Replies
    1. I got it! :) Thanks! Did you get my reply(replies)? Please let me know if they work!!

  4. All problems were solved! Thanks so much!


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