Chicken on a Fencepost

I know I say this about EVERY song I put up here, but this is a favorite.  And a gem, the kids adore it!!

Here's the song, you probably know it:

Here's the game:
2 concentric circles w/ two “foxes” on outside.
Teacher chooses 1 “gate” in each of the circles. Rubber chicken is placed in the inside circle.
Gates are closed. Foxes may watch now. Both circles sing while moving in opposite directions. On the “o” of Brownie-o” the 2 gates open forming a maze in which foxes race to grab the chicken from the middle of the center circle.

Here's the PowerPoint I've made.  Of course, it's in the "usual sequence" (sounds like a movie, maybe it's the Oscar watching that I'm doing, lol!).  I always let the sequence dictate the order of my PowerPoints.  In this case, the rhythm of the song is taught first (with the hardest element being tika-tika) and the melody second (with the hardest melodic element being low so)

Here's the lyric slide:

Beat slides:

And example of the iconic rhythm slide:

tika-tika prep slide, substituting the known rhythms and leaving the four icons representing the unknown rhythm that is four sounds on a beat:

Finally, the full rhythm of the slide (this is the first of 2 slides):

Then on to the melody slides:

Here are the preparation slides for low so:

And low so practice slides:

Absolute pitch practice:

This is available at my Teachers Pay Teachers store in PDF form.  **  The slides look a little different than above.  That fun chicken image in the background was HUGE and made the file too big so I had to take it off.  If you're really wanting that version, and purchase it, email me and I'll send you the Google Drive link for the PDF.

Side note: if you ever buy anything and would like the PowerPoint version of it (providing you have MusicEd Font) send me an email and I'll happily send it your way!!

Tomorrow I'll be posting on "Shanghai Chicken."  I've posted about this before but I have a "Scrambled Egg" game that I'll be adding that will be able for use with both "Shanghai Chicken" and "Chicken on a Fencepost" as well as other "Scrambled Egg" ideas.  I can't wait to use this one with my kiddos!!

I hope you all have a GREAT week!!!

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