Easter Egg Collection

After my Scrambled Eggs Post I was asked to share my Easter Egg collection and some of the songs that I use with them.  So, here's some of my collection!  Now, what I put in the fish depends on what musical concept my kiddos are working on.  Sometimes I will put song phrases in them and they have to put them in order but most times I use the Scrambled Eggs idea.  

I have fish:

I use a variety of songs with them:

  • Who's Got a Fishpole? 
  • Crawdad Song 
  • One, Two Three, Four Five 
  • Ickle Ockle:

Two types of cupcakes:

This is my FAVORITE song to do with the Cupcakes:
But I've also done "Three Little Muffins" with comparatives.


With the carrots we use:
  • Chop, Chop, Chippity Chop
  • Old Mr. Rabbit
  • Rabbit Run on the Frozen Ground
  • Mr. Rabbit

I've got ice cream cones and Popsicles!!
Here's the song that I use with these:

These little cuties:
 I use them for half note with this song:

There are snails:


The sea shells can also be used with Sailor Sailor,  White Sand and Gray Sand and Oh, Sailor Come Ashore.

There are flowers:
You can use them with:
  • Blue Bells
  • All Around the Buttercup
  • Wall flowers:

And I have quite the collection of balls:
These can be used with Plainsies Clapsies and Bounce High, Bounce Low

Here are my new Ladybugs:  (Did you even notice that "Ladybug's Picnic" is a nice so-mi-do pattern at the beginning?)
 And monkeys:

I'll admit that not all times I use them with songs. . .sometimes I'll use the footballs simply because it's football season and I want a "motivator" to get the kids to read some melodies or rhythms. . . 

I found almost all of these AFTER Easter and some of them were in the candy aisle (filled with candy which I used for choir incentives).  I forgot to take pictures of the heart containers )that are similar to eggs) that I found at the Dollar Store this year.  I found some more cute eggs at Oriental trading in this years catalog.  I hope this gives you an idea into my collection.  There are MANY ways to use them.  I'll probably come back and edit this post later. . . . I just got done with my 3rd graders' concert and I'm a little tired!! :)


  1. Thought of another question.

    Do you have any tips or tricks on passing out/collecting these kinds of manipulatives? My kids seem to take FOREVER to get stuff passed out, collected, and organized enough to do the activity. (My kids sit directly on the floor.. no chairs)

    1. My kiddos sit on the floor (for the most part) or risers. I usually tell them what we're going to do, the expectation for what I want them to do when the get the egg or manipulative and the ask them to sing the song or I sing the song as I pass it out. When it's a more involved process the directions for getting materials is explained and examples of what it should and should not look with are given (ie. do we use out pencil to write on anything except our pencil? Does our pencil touch other people? If your pencil chooses to not follow directions it will have to go back in the pencil cup. etc.)

      We do a lot with manipulatives so my kids get pretty trained on the process, so the more experiences they have getting the materials the faster they will get. But guidelines and instructions on specifically how to get them is another key. Allow them extra time the first time but we usually get things passed out, especially like these Easter Eggs, in under 30 seconds (2-3 times through the song) I hope this helps!! :)

      Oh, and picking up goes the same way. I define what it should look like, what their materials should look like before they turn it in and the specifics of what I want it to look like when they're put away (my white boards for instance, I did not do this with the first time and it was a very messy pile.) Sometimes I'll even assign kids to a specific organizational job (or they'll take it on themselves). And I'll start the next activity (which is a REAL ATTENTION grabber, something they DON'T WANT to miss) before they're all done so it helps them get everything put away faster.

      Thanks so much for your questions.

  2. Don't worry. I'll have plenty more. I live in a state dominated by Orff. The nearest OAKE chapter is over 8 hours away and there's no cert. classes in the state. I order the American Methodology (to arrive monday) and I'm sure I'll have some good questions.

    1. Keep sending them, I'm more than happy to help! American Methodology was my bible my first few years teaching, and I still use it A LOT. What state are you in? My good friend Tanya LeJeune is the level I teacher of Kodály Colorado State University. If you have the funds, you should try to travel to take a level, it'll change your teaching forever! :) (I sound like a preacher, huh? lol!) I know it's a lot of $$$$ but it's worth it.
      Have a good weekend!!

  3. I'm in St. Petersburg, Florida. Sand, surf, and Orff.

  4. What is the game for Wallflowers? I remember learning it level 2 from Susan, and it has a double circle formation with one "it" in the center, but that's all I remember


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