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If you read my blog post on Sunday, you know that I'm very excited about my "Cootie" project!!  I have the hard copy version done and you can find it at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  On Sunday I referred to that at "phase 1."  I'm happy to announce that "phase 2" is almost complete: I have finished electronic versions (a.k.a. PowerPoints) for 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade concerts.  There are actually two versions for both 3th and 4th grade.  For third grade, one version's hardest concepts are low la and ti-tika, the other one's are low so and tika-ti.  With 4th grade, there is a version in which the hardest concepts are high do and tom-ti and the other one's hardest concepts are fa and ti-tom.

Let's walk through the PowerPoints.

First of all they come in a zip file, so there are specific directions to the game and how to navigate the PowerPoint.  Here's the "directions" file:

The directions file also comes with cards which you can print out if you don't have an actual "Cootie" game with which to play this game.  You'll need to print out one copy of the following cards:

 And you'll need to print out 3 copies of the "legs" card (if you're playing with 3-4 teams.  If you're playing with 2 teams you only need to print two copies of this card.)

On to the PowerPoint:

This is the main page.  Each team's "main page" is accessed through this slide by clicking on the team's name:

From there, you are brought to one of four team pages.  Each body part is linked to a specific rhythm or melody slide.  You can chose to roll actual dice or (the time saving way) is to have them work to earn the parts in the order in which they are on the slide.

In order to build the Cootie the team must successfully read each slide.  If they make a mistake on a slide, they must take another turn to try to answer the slide correctly.  Here are the team slides:

Here are examples of each of the different Cootie Slide shows.  The Cootie in the lower right hand corner will bring you back to the "main page" and it will be the next team's turn.

Here are two 2nd grade examples:

This one is titled "Cooties Game, 3a":

Here are some examples of the "Cootie's Game: 3b":

Here's a couple slides from the "Cooties Game: 4a":

And finally a couple examples from "Cooties Game: 4b":

I'll be finishing up the 5th grade version today: that will have ti and tim-ka.  I was tempted to do a ti-kam version, but I'll be truthful, I never get that far in my curriculum.  I'd love to hear your thoughts as to a specific version of this game, or any other game that I have posted, that you would like to see.  I've heard some feedback about wanting 3/4. . . anyone else?

Speaking of things you'd like to see me make, please leave me a comment on this blog as to something you'd like.  I'm working on a St. Patrick's Day game that involves collecting gold coins and avoiding the tricky leprechaun!  And I'm working on some "Sing a Rainbow" sheets for spring, those are a fun assessment!  Long term, I'd like to create PowerPoints for all my gems. . . would you like to see these posted individually, grouped or both?  Please let me know your thoughts! :)

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  1. I LOVE your blog!! I've learned so many new games from you, and most of all, I love to buy your creations on Teacher Pay Teachers. I do many of the same type of activities, but your materials look so much nicer! It's like you are doing the work for me!

    I'm actually interested in the types of ensembles and performances you have at school as well. What types of music and activities do you do with those?

    Lastly, I remember in one of your earlier blogs, you talked about something you purchased for music notation. What was that? Since you can't create powerpoints and activites for everything I teach in class, I figure I should learn how to do it in case I need to creat something.

    Thanks so much for sharing with other teachers!!


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