Scrambled Eggs

I've told you before, I'm an Easter Egg Geek.  

I love the darn things and I love that you can find them in a plethora of shapes, sizes and themes.  This year I even found Spongebob ones, but I showed restrain and did NOT buy any of those, lol!!!  What I really need to do is take some pictures of the "egg" containers that I've found over the years: cupcakes, Popsicles, fish, dinosaurs, hearts and I have songs for all of them.  This year I finally made some manipulatives to use with them and here's a preview of the Teacher Pay Teachers version that I also made.

I call it "Scrambled Eggs."  In the file are four main card ideas (although I must admit, the possibilities with this file are endless.)

The first set of cards in the file is geared toward "Chicken on a Fencepost," which I posted on yesterday.

The basic idea is it's a song sorting activity.  Inside each egg is 16 cards:

And the kiddos sort them out to write the song:

Here's more information, which includes specific directions on how to sort the cards and ways to differentiate/scaffold the activity (this slide is included in the file):
 And here's what the card looks like:

The next set of cards focuses on Shanghai Chicken:

Same idea as with "Chicken on a Fencepost," it's a song sort:

Here's more information:
 And here's the slide with the cards:
 The next three sets are open ended and not song specific.  You can tailor them fit songs that you are working on with your kiddos.
 This set works GREAT with simple 1st grade songs and can reinforce:

  1.  ta  and ti-ti 
  2. so mi and la

 Here are a couple examples of these card pages (there is a ta and ti-ti slide for each of the following: so mi and la):

Here's an open-ended rhythm set:

 Both the stick notation and the note-head versions of these rhythm cards contain the following rhythms:

  1. ta
  2. ti-ti
  3. ta rest
  4.  half hote
  5. tika-tika
  6. ti-tika
  7. tika-ti
  8. syncopa
  9. tom-ti
  10. ti-tom
  11. tim-ka
  12. ti-kam
Here are a couple examples:

 And here's a couple examples of the rhythms with note heads:

 Finally, there are solfa cards:

 My kiddos are REALLY struggling with hand signs, so all of these cards contain the hand signs.

Included are the following solfa cards:

  1. so
  2. mi
  3. la
  4. do
  5. re
  6. low la
  7. low so
  8. high do
  9. fa
  10. ti

You can find my Scrambled Eggs file at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Now, here's a couple of this year's Easter Egg finds (I found them at King Soopers, our local Kroger store).

There are bumble bees:

 I'm going to use ta and ti-ti cards with these.

The can practice writing out "Bee Bee Bumblebee" or I could fill them with the solfége cards and we could work on la:

There are frogs!!!

I sing "Frog in the Millpond" with ti-tika, so my third graders will be using these.  (I know some people sing it in augmentation. . . with ta ti-ti and half note):

The also had ladybugs and monkeys, which I am proud to report I DID buy, lol!!

I have a third grade concert this week and a choir concert next week.  If I go incognito, that's why! :)


  1. I love this activity with the themed eggs! I'm stopping by King Soopers this week.

  2. I would love to see your Easter egg "collection" and the songs you use with each!

    1. I'll try to get some pictures taken this week and have a post on this! :) I have lots of different eggs. . . oohhh, and the baskets too! I'll show you a couple of those too!

  3. So cute! I don't think we have that store in Wichita. Bummer. I will have to keep my eye out for something similar.

  4. Do you leave you eggs stuffed when you're done with them or will you unstuff them and use them for a different song?

    1. Good question. I usually will stock up post EAster and buy some when they're cheap so I can leave them stuffed. But if I don't have enough I've been known to recruit some 5th grade helpers to unstuff and sort the cards for me. Ideally, it's time saving to leave them stuffed and my goal is to be able to do that for the songs that I use this activity for. Hope that helps! :)


  5. Oh man, I feel another trip to buy Easter eggs coming in the near future. I just bought about 6 dozen "regular" ones and 2 dozen carrot shaped ones. (My first blog post is about how I am using some of them.) I am going to need to get some bigger eggs and see if I can find some of those fun ones you have. Love it! and I adore your Scrambled Eggs idea.



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