St. Patty's Day Games

I know, it's not Valentine's day yet. ..  but I'm planning ahead.  I know that my kids get really squirrelly as different "holidays" approach.  It was a rough day today and a former mentor/colleague that I worked with in Oregon during my first 3 years of teaching reminded me how even the little "holidays" like Valentine's Day get the kids wound up. ..  believe me, mine were anticipating it!  So, I love these little games- they think they're just doing a fun holiday game but in actuality I'm getting them reading and practicing rhythmic and melodic patterns.  I have posted some Christmas and Valentine's day ones, now here's the St. Patty's Day version:

It's played very similarly to the other two, here's the "how-to" slide:

The kids see this first slide that explains that they want to try to help their team collect as much of the leprechaun's spilled gold as they can.  In order to earn the gold, they must correctly sing or perform the rhythm pattern behind each golden coin.  But beware!  There are three "gloating" leprechauns hiding in the PowerPoint, and you can see from their expression how they're saying "Ha, Ha!  I beat you to this coin!!"  (lol!)

Here's the slide with the spilled gold.  Doesn't that leprechaun look mischievous?!  You click on the golden coin and it pulls up the slides below (this is the tika-ti and low so practice version):

Here are the slides that are linked to the coins.  You get back to the page above by clicking on the green hat.

Here's that gloating leprechaun- doesn't he look like he's saying "Ha, ha, it's my gold?!!"

And here are some cards that I like to print out.  This way the students can collect the cards to add to their "pot o' gold" and also keep track of which coins have been picked and which are still available.

Now, here are all the different games:

This one I will use with my 2nd graders, it contains half note and re

There are two versions which I call my "third grade" versions"

This one contains tika-ti and low so:

There are two "fourth grade" versions:
This on contains high do and tom-ti:

And this one contains fa and ti-tom:

These all can be found at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!  (I hope to get some sleep, lol!!!)

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