We Are Dancing

This is one of my ALL-TIME favorites that I learned in level I with the AMAZING Susan Brumfield.  Here's the song:

And here's the super fun game:
Children are in a circle.  A different child is appointed “the wolf” and is hiding nearby.  After singing one repetition, the circle asks, “Wolf, are you there?”, to which “the wolf” may answer something like, “No, I am putting on my shoes.”  Another repetition of the song and another question, to which “the wolf” may improvise and answer.  Finally, “the wolf” will answer “Yes!  I am here!” and chase the circle of children back to their “homes.”  (their seats or other designated area)
Whoever is caught also becomes a wolf until all children are wolves.  

Adapt the game so that the wolf has a time limit (7 seconds) to tag (eat) as many children as he can.  Each child that is tagged sits down so we can count how many children the wolf ate.  Then we choose a new wolf.  We keep score, and the wolf who tags the most children is the winner.  

I love that it's improvisation on a very age-appropriate level for first graders AND it's a great la song!!  Here's the PPT:

Lyric slide:

Beat slide (example, the ppt has the whole song):

Rhythm preparation slides (example):

Rhythm notation slide (stick notation):

With note-heads:


And la presentation and practice slides:

This is available as a PDF at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  I'm at home with a sick two-year old and have been finishing up the melodic St. Patty's Day Poison PowerPoint files.  Those will be up soon, as well as non-holiday poison pattern games for both rhythm and melody.  More on the melody files coming soon!!

Hope you all are healthy and well!!!

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