April Showers Bring May Flowers

First of all, to all my colleagues in SVVSD, one more day until spring break- you can do it!!  We have one of the latest spring breaks in CO.  A lot of friends in other districts have had spring break already of are on spring break now (my husband included).  So, I know I just did a sale, but in honor of spring break and Easter, my entire store will be 15% tomorrow and Saturday.

Included in this sale are these new "April Showers Bring May Flowers" PowerPoints for practicing melody and rhythm.  These are similar to my St. Patty's day and Valentine's day games.  They're designed so you can use them in April or May, whenever it works into your curriculum.  I created many versions that are available individually or in bundled form.

Let's walk through the fa and ti-tom file.

Here's the title slide (a little side note: my daughter's birthday is in April.  She LOVES Mickey Mouse and all things Disney.  The font choice is a little shout out to her! :)  ):

And explanation slide.  There are two "weed" slides (not that kind of weed!! I know I live in CO where they just legalized it, but geez!!  Teehee!).  No, there are two dandelions.  Those act as "lose a turn" slides, just to keep them on their toes.

Here's the main menu slide.  The raindrops are linked to rhythm slides and the flowers are linked to melody slides.  (But I won't tell the kids that!):

Here are some sample rhythm slides.  You simply click on the ladybug to return to the main menu slide:

Here the "weed" slide:

And here are some sample melody slides:
  (There are two weeds: one in the melody slides and one in the rhythm slides):

And here are the "Tally" cards.  I print them out and laminate them.  We usually have them scattered on the floor that way the teams can see what is left.  When they correctly perform that slide they get to take that card for their team.

I also included a PDF of the melody and rhythm slides that you can print out or view like a PowerPoint (in full screen mode) to prepare for the game or to play Poison with (directions on how to play with flashcards is included in the file).

The following sets are available at my Teachers Pay Teachers store:
  1. so-mi & ta ti-ti
  2. la & ta rest (which contains ta ti-ti and so-mi)
  3. do & half-note
  4. re & half-note
  5. re & tika-tika
  6. low la & ti-tika
  7. low so & tika-ti
  8. high do & syncopa
  9. high do & tom-ti
  10. fa & ti-tom
  11. ti, & tim-ka
  12. Bundle
I also FINALLY finished up all my melodic Poison Games!  Yee hee!!  So, the high do and ti files are now finished and since they are finished, I bundled all the melodic games.

If you're on spring break, I hope you're having a wonderful time (and what are you doing reading this blog, go relax!!!  Okay, I'll be the pot and you be the kettle, tee hee!). If you're not on spring break yet, I hope you have a wonderful break when you do!!  Don't forget you'll get 15% off everything in my store tomorrow and Saturday!! :)


  1. This is awesome!! Great work!!

  2. I'm so glad you're having another sale since I missed the last one. I have a question about your ppts. Can I play them in the Apple program Keynote? I got a miniiPad about 6weeks ago from school and haven't used it much. I'd like to show these with it but am not sure if it will work.

    1. Wow, I don't know! I know that with most of my powerpoints I also include the PDF. With the exception of the ones with hyperlinks (like this "April Showers Bring May Flowers" file) I can email you the PDFs and maybe you can convert them to Keynote or play them as a PDF in full screen. I wish I knew more about it. Here's what I found and it sounds like they're compatable but don't quote me, maybe they would know at the apple store: http://www.apple.com/apps/iwork/keynote/

      Thanks! And let me know the answer! I've been thinking about an iPad mini but I have a laptop at school. It would just be nice to know! :)

    2. Hi again!! A friend of mine said that you can download a free app called "Slide Shark" and it let's you open all of your files, even the ones with hyperlinks! So, there we go, now we both know! :)


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