Buzzin' with Bee Songs!!!

It's Saturday night, I had a Professional Study team for 4 hours this morning followed by not one but TWO birthday parties for 6 year olds this afternoon and here I sit on a Saturday night. . . lol!  What an exciting life, huh?

I just finished up my first "bundled" song collection for Teachers Pay Teachers.  I've been debating about going this for a while. I like posting the single PowerPoints because then, like with iTunes, YOU all can pick and choose what you want and need.  But I think when things lend themselves to working well with each other there are benefits to bundling them together.  I will also say, that despite all my "cutesy" posts, I'm not a "themed" teacher.  I use melodic and rhythmic concepts and the natural teaching progression of these to create my daily, monthly and yearly plans.  This being said, when things that are seasonal, themed or holiday fit into this sequence I like to capitalize on it.

This bundle is themed, in the fact that they are all bee songs and activities, but you'll see that the songs all work together to prepare and present ta &ti-ti and so-mi & la.
A PowerPoint and PDF for Bee Bee Bumble Bee
A PowerPoint and PDF for Burnie Bee
A PowerPoint and PDF for Busy, Buzzy Bumble Bee
A PowerPoint and PDF for Here is the Bee Hive (melody for so-mi-la phrases only)
Bee Melody Match-up
Bee Beat and Rhythm Charts for all the songs
Beat tracking cards
Bee Preparatory Rhythm Cards
Bee Rhythm Worksheets
Bee Song Match-up, Rhythm

The PowerPoints for the songs, "Bee Bee Bumble Bee," "Burnie Bee" and "Busy Buzzy Bumble Bee" are posted individually.  These are structured the way I structure all my PowerPoints.  Now, that being said, someone asked about using my PowerPoints and if they can go out of order.  OR COURSE!!!  Use them how it works best for you and your curriculum.  My only request is that you don't redistribute my files, be it the whole file or even small portions of it.  

The benefit of purchasing these PowerPoints in the bundle is that you'll get a PowerPoint of "Here is the Bee Hive" and these assessments and activities:

A rhythm writing worksheet for each of the songs (this is one example):

A rhythm match-up worksheet:

A melody match-up worksheet:

Beat and rhythm sheets for each of the songs (this is just one example):

Beat tracking cards (you cut these in half and the kiddos track the beat as they sing.  This is a great pre-literacy skill for your kinders and in early first grade)

There are rhythm preparation cards. You cut these out and the students use them to derive the number of sounds on a beat.

Once ta and ti-ti are learned, the iconic rhythm representation is replaced with the symbolic notation.  These are written both in stick notation and with note-heads.

I hope you're having a GREAT weekend.  Like I said, it's Saturday night, so if something in this post doesn't make sense, leave a reply and I'll answer it with a fresh mind tomorrow! :)  You can find this file at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Happy Saturday night!

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