Mouse Mousie

Here's a gem for teaching do:

Children seated in a circle, 1 child who is the 'cat' hides their eyes. Teacher chooses a mouse in the circle. When song begins, cat uncovers eyes and walks around the outside of the circle. (not knowing where the 'mouse' is. On the
word "run" the mouse jumps up and begins to run around the circle. The cat chases him/her and tries to catch the mouse before the mouse returns to his/her place.

And here's a PowerPoint that I made to reinforce/review rhythm and prepare/present do:

There's a lyric slide:

Then the rhythm slides.  I did include preparation slides, if you chose to use it with your 1st graders:

Beat slide (this is the first one):

Iconic representation of the rhythm:

Symbolic notation of the rhythm, in stick notation:

And with note heads:

Here are the melody slides:

Iconic representation spacatially (I have them sing with body signs or with tracking the melody in the air with their finger):

Iconic on the staff in F=do:

And in G=do:

Here is a preparation slide, addressing the new note and it's relationship to the know pitches so & mi:

Here's the preparation slide in F=do:
  And in G=do:

This is the presentation slide:

And then we move into immediate practice of do:

In this powerpoint, I've also created some slides to teach and talk about the do-clef and it's function:

And then we read it, paying attention to the placement of the do-clef, written in F=do:

And in G=do:

I wanted to create an activity where my kiddos have to disseminate the different between G=do and F=do.  So, I created a mouse to cheese activity.  They must match the mice on the staff (written without solfége or the do-clef) to the cheese (that includes the notes with solfa and the do-clef):

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  1. I was looking up the "do clef" and came upon this post. I'm a follower of your blog already and immediately got hooked reading about your activity with this song. I love matching the cheese with the notation. Cute idea!


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