Primary Beat Strips

In January I made some beat strips and blogged about them.  You can read that post by clicking here. I started thinking about the activities that I do with preparing my little ones in rhythm and thought that a primer version of this for kinder, 1st and maybe even 2nd would be worthwhile.  So, I made a packet that includes 27 different icons (cats, dogs, frogs, horses, flowers, trains, see saws, jingle bells, pumpkins, etc.) as well as 46 songs that go with the icons in the packet.  Here's a little preview:
 This page includes 3 beat strips (with 4 beats per strip, cut along the horizontal lines):

 This page is for 8 beat patterns:
 This page includes 3 beat strips with 3 beats per strip (again, cut along the horizontal lines):
 And this page has two sets of the 3 meter cards, with 6 beats per strip (these are flipped on their sides as to save paper):
This is a  2/4 chart, intended for PRACTICE, once ta ti-ti & rest are learned.
 This beat strip is for 8 beat patterns:
Here are the 3/4 meter cards (labeled for meter practice):
 And the 6 beat strip:
 Here's a sample of the cards.
These are for preparing ta:
 These are for preparing ti-ti:
 And they are also in black and white:

And here is a sample of one of the songs you could use with the apple icons:

Additionally, the ta and ti-ti cards are included, written in both stick notation and with note heads:

 These are available now at my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.  Blogger is not being my friend right now, so I apologize for all the errors!  They will be corrected tomorrow.

I hope you all have a GREAT Tuesday!


  1. Love Love Love LOVE this and can't wait to use it!!

  2. Great idea! I think I may add this to my apple unit in the fall. Thanks!

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