Rhythms of the Deep

I blogged about this yesterday and have all the files up except the rest file.   They are 15% off today and I extended my sale for one more day so everything will be 15% off through Easter Sunday!

I'm excited about these files.  They come with one MP4 file (with stick notation rhythm).  Originally, I was going to include a version that had the note heads but the files were too large to post both.   If you are a follower of mine on Teachers Pay Teachers you will be getting the rest file as the monthly freebie.  A link to get this will come in the monthly message I send out on Teachers Pay Teachers.  I can't send this until April so if you would like this free file and you don't follow me, go click the "follow" button on my store! ;)

So, there are a few ways that you can use these files.  
  1. This can be used as a fancy flash card system
  2. Or it can be played similarly to “I Have/Who Has”.  To play, pass out the cards in this file.  If you have 24 students, then pass out the first 24 cards.  If you would like to differentiate, give your more advanced students two cards.  As the movie is playing, only the student with the matching card would read the rhythm. This is an assessment of visually being able to recognize matching rhythms and performing the rhythm correctly.  For that reason, I have included the following within each file:
    1. Numbered and Non-numbered cards for the “I Have” Game.  These are in both stick-notation and with note heads (the movie is in stick notation without note heads). I usually us the non-numbered cards so that the kids don’t figure out that they match the order in which the rhythms appear in the movie.  However, the numbered cards help the students when they are first going through the movie and help the teacher keep track of “where we are” in the movie
    2. Flashcards for practicing the rhythms in the Movie File and on the individual cards.

 Here are links to these files:

  1. halfnote
  2. tika-tika
  3. ti-tika
  4. tika-ti
  5. syncopa
  6. tom-ti
  7. ti-tom

Happy Easter everyone!

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