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 Blogger is not being my friend tonight. ** Sigh**.  Maybe it went on spring break, or maybe it has spring break brain like me!  I mentioned yesterday that I still have school this week, but my husband is on spring break this week.  I'm actually going to be off starting on Tuesday though, I'm having surgery that day.  A surgery that will help my back.  I'm so excited.  Sick and wrong.  I know! :)

I am leaving some of my Staff Detective files for my sub but I'm also going to leave her these too.  Pauline, if you're reading this here's a little preview! :)

I created a "Spelling Bee" file.  It contains lots of stuff.

First, it has a PPT that mirrors the one in the Staff Detective File. Because it's almost verbatim, I'm not going to show you all the slides.  You saw them in yesterday's file, just with a Detective theme.  Here's what the Bee Theme looks:

There are two PowerPoints that are also similar to the Detective theme.  There's a Word to Staff PPT and a Staff to Word PPT.  They both have menus that look like this:

 You click on the Bee or text and it brings you to a slide that looks like this:

From there, in the Word to Staff game you get a slide like this: 
 The students then work individually, in small groups or in two large groups to spell the word on a staff.  Again, see yesterday's post.

 In the Staff to Word PPT you get a slide like this:
Here the kiddos have to figure out the word that is being spelled.  Again, you can do this individually, small groups or large group.  With both games, I have little bee cards.  These are given to the student/group that correctly answers the question.  You can take turn or have it be a race.  Whatever strikes your fancy.

 Here's a game that I'm excited about and I'm hoping that Pauline might want to use!  (teehee).  This is where the whole file gets it's name.  It's a fill in the blank game, and you really need your spelling skills
 The thing I like about it is that there are multiple answers for each slide.  There are four levels.  The higher the level, the more letters in the word and/or the more letters to be filled in.

Here's an example of  Level 1.  There are 8 choices (there are 6 choices for level 2 and 4 choices for levels 3 and 4):

Here's an example of the fill in the blank slide:
Correct answers for this include ACE and ADE

Here's another example:
Correct answers are BAD and BED.

And another example:
 Correct answers are BED and BEG.  There is an answer key included with all possible answers for each slide (phew!)  This PowerPoint also comes in slides that can be printed out and used as flashcards, in small groups or in centers.

There are small and large matching cards.  Here are some large card examples.  These can be used in centers or in small groups:

 There are 4 worksheets that mirror the idea of the Fill in the Blanks PowerPoint:
 Here are a couple of the worksheets:

I also included the Minutes of Insanity test that are also in the Staff Detective file.

This file is available at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  

I also started a Music a la Abbott Facebook page.  Please visit it and "like" it.  It makes me feel special. Can you tell I'm feeling punchy tonight?!  No, really in all honesty it'd be fun to use to get to know you better!!  I'd love your feedback as to how things are working for you, things you'd like to see me post.  You can't do that very well on Blogger and you really can't do that on Teachers Pay Teachers.  So, stop by my Facebook page too! :)

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