A Collection of Songs, PDFs and Activities & Assessments for Teaching so-mi

Hi everyone!  Boy, this has been a long, rough couple of weeks.  My daughter and I have both has a respiratory "thing" that has just lingered.  

I have a bunch of ideas for blog topics so I'll share some of those with you soon. In the meantime, I have made a collection of songs, PDFs and activities & assessments for teaching so-mi.

Just like my ta & ti-ti file, I'm not giving you a concept plan.  I really believe that you need to take a Kodály level and have the reasoning and education behind them.  I also feel that you need to make a concept plan that is specific to you, your song literature, your kids and your teaching situation.  That being said, if you're in Colorado, sign up for level I!!!  My dear friend Tanya LeJeune is teaching it again at Colorado State and she's amazing!!!   I'm so honored that I get to teach level II this summer, along side her!

Back to the so-mi bundle:

There are eight PDFs that each have preparation, presentation and practice slides.

There are assessments:

Mystery songs:
There's also a disappearing song activity; iconic, stick and staff flashcards and 26 songs, most of which have an activity that is included.

You can read more details by clicking here.

If you purchase this packet between now and May 2013 I will make you a disappearing song file to the song of your choice!  It will then go up on my TpT store for others to purchase but will be free to you.  Simply purchase my so-mi bundle, rate it and then email me (amy.j.abbott@gmail.com) with the song that you would like to have made into a disappearing song file.  Give me a few days to get it made and I'll email it to you! :)

It's finally NOT snowing in Colorado so I'm headed outside to my garden. Have a GREAT weekend!

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