Summer Lovin'

If you live in CO you're laughing at this blog post title right now.  For those of you not in Colorado, this is the third Monday in a row in which we've had snow.  Two weeks ago we had a snow day (and NO snow!).  Then last week we did NOT have a snow day and we have 13.5 inches on the ground.  This week, I'm sure there's no snow day.  I've also had two concerts and a upper respiratory thing going on for the last week so I'm pooped!

But, I'm planned out for the end of the year and created this with that and the beginning of the next school year in mind.  

There are a few different sets, and for some grade levels multiple sets.  I know that I see my 1st and 2nd graders on a 4 day rotation and we're not where we normally are in the curriculum. What a huge difference there is between a 3 and 4 day rotation!!

Here's a sample of a fourth grade game:

The main idea is that the kiddos are divided into 2-4 teams.

Each team has a "home page" like this:
 The goal is to collect as many summer items as they can.

Each of the summer items is linked to a rhythm or melody slide.  Here are some sample slides:

So far,  I have a first grade version, two 2nd grade, two 3rd grade and a fourth grade version.  You can find them by clicking these links:
  1. first grade
  2. second grade: halfnote & do
  3. second grade: tika tika & re
  4. third grade: ti-tika & low la
  5. third grade: tika-ti & low so
  6. fourth grade: tom-ti & fa
I will be creating 
  1. fourth grade: syncopa & high do
  2. fifth grade: ti-tom & ti
  3. fifth grade: tim-ka & ti
And then I'll get a bundle up too.  Soon. . . I hope!  I'm also finishing up a so-mi bundle that has 8 PDF's, Songs/Games & Activities.  Hopefully that will be up Wednesday. . .hopefully. 

I hope you all are well!!

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