"I Have/Who Has?": Grand Staff Edition

I don't know if any of you live in Colorado, but the town I live in (Erie) and the surrounding areas have been plummeted with rain the past few days.  In the past 24 hours we've gotten 6 inches of rain!  There are roads collapsing, the local high school was flooding and without power last night during their back to school night.  So, as a result, we don't have school today!  

Totally unrelated to the post which I'm going to write, but my kids (who, with a day off from school were up at 4:30) are watching a short cartoon for a morning break so I thought I'd blog.

I posted a last month about my "I Have/Who Has?" Instrument Edition and "I Have/Who Has?" Musical Symbols and Signs Edition.  A lot of teachers in my district teach on the rotating keyboard lab and I teach a tone-chime unit.  In both of these, the students learn to read off both the Bass and Treble clefs (a.k.a. the Grand Staff).  So, I thought this would be a great way to practice those note names!

There are three different versions of the game.  In the first version, the note is labeled in both the question and the answer, like this:

In the second set, the question is written out (labeled) but the answer is not so this is a better assessment of the student's knowledge of note placement on the staff:

And in the third set, neither the answer or question is labeled:

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I hope you all are drier than I, lol! :)

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