Linky Party: Five Favorite Pins

Thanks to Aileen Miracle, at Mrs. Miracle's Music Room, for hosting this Linky Party!!!

Here are a few favorite pins of mine (not just from this month):

1.  "Dancing Rings":
I'm so lucky to teach in a district that is comprised of so many Kodály music teachers.  We are such a tight knit group and for the past few years have done a monthly "Make-n-Take" night.  One of the things that we have done are these ribbon rings.  They work so well on concerts and are so easy to make!!  We used shower curtain rings from the Dollar Tree and I found ribbon here

2.  "Who's Next Board:"
This I use mainly for when there's a substitute.  I swore I was going to use it more this year, but with a student teacher I haven't had the chance. My plan this year is when ever there's a turn in a game to use it- that way the kiddos are always given a "fair" chance rather than me or another student deciding who's turn it is.

3.  Googly Solo-Singing Eyes:
I don't know if that's the name, but I would love to make these this year.  So, these are on my "to-do" list.  What I'm going to use them for is solo singing.  John Feierabend sells similar ones in his vocal exploration box, but I thought these would be a fun variation.

4.  "Shake Dem Halloween Bones" PPT:
I LOVE this book!!!  My great friend, Terry Ann, and I found it in our school book fairs my first year teaching, when I taught in Salem, OR.  I made up my own melody for it (I need to write it down), but the kids LOVE it and it's for fun steady beat and for teaching singing vs. speaking voices (I swear, I'll write out my lesson for it!)

5.  Light Sabers
There's directions on the pin of how to use them for Solfege Wars (a John Feierabend idea, but I've never seen it presented.  I have an idea of how it can work).  I use them for the Rhythm Wars files that I created and are available at my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.

I hope you all are having a GREAT week!  

Happy Hump Day!


  1. Thanks for joining the party! Love your ideas, and your new blog design is super cute! :)

  2. Love the ideas and your new blog look! Did you do it yourself?

    1. Thanks Lindsay! I WISH!!! My best friend from kindergarten did it! :) She's amazing and does website design, mainly for scrapbook stores and companies. She's also an amazing violin player so she gets the music portion of it too!


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