A Collection of Songs and PDFs for Halloween

I apologize, this school year has had just a crazy start!  And I can't seem to get caught up, but hopefully I'm finding a groove and will be back to blogging on a more regular schedule!

In my last post I mentioned this product but didn't go into too much detail, so I thought I'd share some snippets of it:

It's a Collection of Songs and PDF's for Halloween.  Right now there are 18 songs (although there are 2 more that I want to add) and 8 PDF files (which will be added to, maybe not this year but next for sure).

The 8 songs that have PDFs are:
1.  Miss White, which is a GREAT chant for ta and ti-ti with first grade.  I LOVE that each line has a different rhythm!  Here's a rhythm Prep Slide:

2.  This one if from the "Pumpkin Patch" song, which contains low la & low ti, but is GREAT for third grade for reading tika-tika.  Here's a couple rhythm preparation slides:

And here it is practicing tika-tika:

I've also included the melodic slides that students can read from, if they know ti.

3.  Black Cat: this is great for 1st and 2nd grades.  Melodically they can't read it (and it's too immature for the upper grades to read) but it has a great descending melodic line at the end that you can have them play on step bells and there's also a small Orff accompaniment part included in the song packet.

Rhythmically, it's great for teaching quarter rest.  Here's an iconic preparation slide:
 It then goes on to reading with ta & ti-ti, with iconic representation for rest and then also includes the full rhythmic notation of the song.

4.  El Reloj do la Calavera.  This is a favorite of mine!  I learned it from Carol Brown during my level IV Kodály class at Portland State University, over 10 years ago and I use it EVERY year!

My third graders aren't able to read ti-tika and we're not preparing it yet, so I use it for review with my 4th and 5th graders.  It's fun to act out.

The clock strikes ONE
 Through TEN
With each strike of the clock having a different action that the skeleton is doing (and yes, I include the translation).  The "Tumba, ta tumba" part is fun to play on drums.  Basically, the kids dramatize the songs so it's great for movement exploration and improvisation.

There are ti-tika preparation slides (as shown below) as well as practice slides.  It's a chant, which helps make the Spanish a little more accessible to non-Spanish speaking students.  I use to teaching in a 75% Spanish fluent school.  At my current school 99% are English speaking with less then 1% ESL.

5.  This is an all-time favorite of mine and I include two versions.  I know it as "Witch, Witch," but a lot of people know it as "Old Mother Witch."  A PDF is included for both versions:

Both PDF files include a lyric slide:

Beat slides,
Iconic rhythm slides:

 Rhythmic notation slides,
Iconic melodic preparation slides (without the staff)
Iconic melodic preparation slides on the staff:
 Iconic melodic practice slides
Notational melodic practice slides.

 6.  Pumpkin, Pumpkin, another favorite.  Okay, I admit it, I love them all!  This is great for do-pentatonic reading and also for tika-tika.  
 There are:
A lyric slide,
Rhythmic iconic preparation slides
Rhythmic iconic preparation slides with known rhythms:
 Rhythm presentation slide
Rhythm practice slide:

Melodic preparation slides:

Melodic preparation slides with known solfége
Melodic presentation slide:

Melodic iconic practice slides
Melodic notational practice slides in F-do:

 And in G-do

7.  Old Mother Witch (is similar to Witch, Witch)
8.  Halloween, Halloween, which also has an Orff accompaniment.

You can find this at my Teachers Pay Teachers store!

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