A collection of songs for Halloween!

Ooooh, how I LOVE Halloween!!!  It's been kind of a crazy fall: my student teacher is finishing up next week and we missed a week of school due to the Colorado floods.  I can't WAIT to get back to my kiddos, October is so musically rich with some great rounds (Ghost of Tom, Ah Poor Bird), some great partwork songs (My Good Old Man), instrumental options (anywhere from Orff accompaniments to instrument exploration to dramatize poems and chants.

I will post soon about my Target finds, but I also just posted a bunch of files on my Teachers Pay Teachers store that will be fun to use this month, with a couple files that could be used any time throughout the year!

The first is my collection of Halloween Songs and PDFs:
This contains 18 songs (with either game directions, Orff accompaniment, Partwork ideas or a corresponding PDF) and 8 PDF files.  The PDF files either have a rhythmic, melodic or both focus that prepares and presents applicable concepts.

The next is my Sugar Rush!! files  (pictured below is the bundled version):

This one I developed out of the need to have a collection of activities that would get the kids up and moving yet still practicing rhythmic concepts.  There are many versions of flashcards and games as well as additional activities provided that you can use these cards for, in addition to the title game, which is a Rhythm Relay Race.
  1. ta ti-ti
  2. rest
  3. half note
  4. tika-tika
  5. ti-tika
  6. tika-ti
  7. syncopa
  8. tom-ti
  9. ti-tom
  10. bundle
These can be used anytime throughout the year (there's no connection to Halloween.  Some of the graphics are dark but the Sugar Rush Relay Game Cards are pretty non-holiday-specific.

I will soon be coming out with a Monster Melody Madness Game that will have similar ideas to practice melodic element.  These, too, will be non-holiday specific and will have a tie into a fun purchase I made at Back-to-School time! :)

The last file I'm going to blog about tonight is my Candy Corn Notes! Your Cavity Free Guide to the Treble & Bass Clefs.

This was a fun file to make and is PACKED with tools to teach both the treble and bass clefs.  They are set up similarly to my "Be a Staff Detective" and "Spelling Bee" files, in that they have a PowerPoint that teaches the Bass and Treble Clefs.  They also have a Staff to Word PPT game and a Word to Staff PPT game as well as MANY flashcards. They also have a Candy Corn Staff matching game, that has many variations.

With this variation, you print out the Treble Corn Cards, cut them out and then cut between the white and orange part of the Candy Corn.  Students then have to match the letter name to the note on the staff:

This version is the same, but in this case they are working on matching the Bass Clef notes to the letters:

This version combines the clefs.  You'll also cut between the orange and yellow part of the candy corn so they are now matching the letter name, the treble note and the bass note:

And there are also a variety of "make your own" cards.  Here's one example:

I hope you all had a GREAT week!!!

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