Monster Melody Madness

This is a fun file that I've been working on and finally posted.  My Sugar Rush Rhythm files are pretty much the same, but with a candy theme instead.

This is the image for Bundle #1, but they are sold individually or in one of three bundles.  Each concept file contains multiple flashcards that I'll walk you through as well as 10 activities for using them for reading.

First, there are large Flashcards.  You can use this with a multitude of flashcard games: Sing What You Don't See, Poison, etc.  Something fun to do with flashcards, be it rhythm or melodic, is extract the element that you're working on, have one half of the class sing or clap the element and the other class sing or clap the rest.  So, in the card below, if la is the new element, the boys would only sing the la's and the girls would sing "everything else." And then of course switch.  This can also be transferred to rhythm flashcards.  Just another way to use flashcards. 

There are small flashcards, both numbered and un-numbered.  These are great for centers or small group games.  Also included in the file are staves on which students can use manipulatives to transcribe the stick notation onto.  There are a few different games with which you can use these:

There are landscape flashcards that are great for all those flashcard games too!:

 Here's an extension idea.  I found this puppet this year (those of you that read my blog know that I LOVE puppets):
Basically, you can build your own Monster Puppet, as all the parts come off.  I use this as an incentive to performing a flashcard by themselves.  If they do, the can add a part to the puppet.  They EAT it up!

Here are the team cards for the Monster Melody Madness Relay game.  Basically, it's a glorified team game of Post Office.  The students are in 2-6 teams.  The teams are lined up, like a relay team, on one end of the room with the cards spread out on the other side of the room.  The teacher either sings or plays a melody, the first person races to find that card.  To make it more competitive, you can add time limits to find the cards or only the first team to find the card wins that round.  Here are some sample monster cards:

There are also small landscape cards, that can be used like the other small flashcards.  These fit nicely into an envelope to play Post Office:
 They also fit well in these:
I found a bunch of these at Walmart this year before school started but you can also buy them at Zipit.  You can use these with beat passing games: instead of getting "out," a student reads a card instead.  For instance, you can easily turn "Pick-a-Pumpkin" into a hand passing game or a beat passing game, using a small pumpkin.

Here are the links to the files:
  1. so-mi
  2. la
  3. do
  4. Bundle #1: so-mi, la, do
  5. re
  6. low la
  7. low so
  8. Bundle #2: re, low la, low so
  9. high do
  10. fa
  11.  ti
  12. Bundle #3: high do, fa, ti

This I just finished this evening and will be added to my store tomorrow.  I made some disappearing song files and keep meaning to make more.  This one is a Halloween themed one, to use with the song "Pumpkin, Pumpkin."

It practices the song on text:

The rhythm:

The solfége:

Then they read it again, teachers choice.  Since it's a "Monster Stole My Melody" file, I personally would have them read the solfége:

And then the beats are removed, one by one, as an animated monster comes across the screen and "eats the song."  This continues until the entire song is gone and they're reading the song from memory.  I'll upload the link as soon as it's posted on TpT

I hope you saw my post that my email was hacked.  I can access it again and it's up and working.  Remember, now through the 31st for every $25 you spend at my TpT Store I'll email you $5 of product.  PLEASE do NOT put the free product in your cart as you will be charged.  You can email me at my school or home account. . . or for good measure, send it to both, lol!

This was thoroughly a Monday, I'm ready for a new day tomorrow! :)


  1. Hi Amy. Where did you find your Monster Puppet? I absolutely want one!!

    1. Hi Katie!

      I can't believe I forgot to include that! They are Melissa & Doug Puppets that I ordered off of their website! SUPER fun, huh?!!!


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