Some Fall Target Finds!

This is just a really quick post about some of the fun finds that I found at Target.  

First, I found these fun Frankenstein erasers.  We're using them to write melodic patterns on the staff at various grade levels.  They might not really tie into the song, other than they are Halloween themed.  But I've also used them with my Monster Melody Madness files! :)

There are Candy Corns.  My school is a "no food" school, in that we can't have food in our classrooms, at parties, etc.  It's actually starting to cause a little problems, but that's a WHOLE other story.  I use to love to have the kids write with  real candy corn, but since I can't I was so excited to find these.  These are actually the inspiration for my "Learning the Treble and Bass Clef is Sweet" file.

These I found last year, but they also have some that are similar this year.  We use them for "Pumpkin, Pumpkin" writing:

And also for deriving the number of sounds on a beat:

This is a find from last year, which are fun to use with "Skin and Bones":

These were also a last year find, ghost table scatters.  They're made out of plastic and also can be used for sounds on a beat derivation:

These skeletons I use for "El Reloj de la Calavera", they have them this year too!:

These table scatters you can find this year, although I bought mine last year.  They fit perfectly in the staff.  I use them for "Little Leaves are Falling":

I love how they have red ones too. Tanya LeJeune's the one that gave me the idea for using the red table scatter on the new note, do:

 These are also table scatters that you can find this year: little acorns!  They're great for Hop Old Squirrel or Let Us Chase the Squirrel or for writing new or unknown patterns like below, both on the staff and for sound derivation:

Finally, there are also pumpkin table scatters (they're also a hard plastic).  These are great for melodic and rhythmic writing:

It's been a VERY busy past couple weeks (hence the lack of posts from me).  I hope things calm down soon.  I'm in the works for a "Free the Birds" melodic file of games that will be posted soon and I just posted my Turkey rhythms games on my TpT store in a bundled file.

Have a GREAT Friday everyone!


  1. Love it!
    I want to go to YOUR Target! Mine is missing many of these.

  2. I saw the candy corn erasers at Target and have been using them! I use Emily's story The Night the Candy Corn Escaped and remind them to make sure that no candy corn "escape" after class!! How do you store your manipulatives? Would you mind doing a post sometime on how you organize all these fabulous things? Thanks!!

  3. This is great! Thanks for sharing!


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