Transition Tuesday: Let us chase the squirrel and Old Aunt Dinah

Happy Tuesday everyone!  I'm early on this one!  I survived last week, it was quite busy with two concerts and my "baby" brother brought his high school winter drum line and winter guard to perform for my students.  It was great fun, the students though didn't really believe that he was my brother (I'm 5'6" and he's 6'3", he's over 200 lbs and let's just say that I weight at least 80 less, lol!).  It was so fun for my kids to see where they could be in a few years and his kids were SO PUMPED UP!  They felt like super stars.  I'm excited that they want to come back next year and we're going to try to schedule it so they come right before their state contest so they get a nice boost in their confidence!

Okay, back to Transition Tuesday.  I was working on my Recorder File for TpT (it's taking a while, it's huge) and I was reminded of melodic transitions that I did this fall via song "morph."

My students had just played "Let Us Chase the Squirrel"

Game: two students holding both hands, forming a tree, with one student in between then being the squirrel.  The students sing the song, at the end, all the trees raise their hands and the squirrels scatter to another tree.

After playing the game, I showed them a flashcard like this that they read the solfa from:

From there I changed one beat and showed them this card:

Then I showed them this one:
From there, they sang the flashcard, I sang four beats, they sang the flashcard (again, they sang it starting from non-verbal visual cues so that the song was seamless) and then I sang another four beats.  The beats I sang were on "loo" and filled in so that it created this:

I didn't want to sing my parts on solfa as
1.  I wanted them to inner hear and derive the new song.
2.  The concentration portion of this lesson was working on the re-so interval and I wanted them to hear that interval and be able to derive it.

So, from there they derived the song and we were off and rolling with the concentration portion of our lesson.

I hope that you all are having a fabulous week!

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