End of the Year Organization. . . always a work in progress

I'm a little late to the party, but I'm linking up with Tracy from Mrs. King's Music Class:
I'm going to lay it on the line, this is not as tidy or as organized as I usually am at the end of the year and is a little like showing you all my underwear drawer, lol!  (Although, you REALLY don't want to see that right now!)  I feel like some things are organized and then some elements of organization are always a work in progress.  So, nothing in my room is ground breaking when it comes to organization, but that's okay!

I have A LOT of storage in my room, especially in comparison to the school I was at prior to Red Hawk.  At the previous school I had an orange cabinet, a book shelf, an industrial storage shelf and  a closet.  

Here at Red Hawk I have all that storage space in just on corner.  My daughter is in the photo here that's one reason why the pics aren't as tidy as I'd like them to be, the other is the mess that's up above.  One thing that I'm hoping to invest in are some storage boxes for up above so they don't look so cluttered. And then there's the pool noodles that have been waiting a year to be made into pool noodle ponies!

On my shelves, I love the plastic shoe boxes that you can get at Target, Walmart or the Dollar tree.  My flashcards, rhythm cards, manipulatives, etc fit in there perfectly. I don't have ANY filing cabinets, nor are there any empty walls in my room to put them against so I use the file crates to put things in , you can see some of them in disarray below. Again, some organization and some work in progress.

To the left of where Hannah was are a lot of my non-pitched percussion instruments.  I love open topped boxes for storage for these.  I can easily grab a box and have the instruments ready to go for class.

Across the room from that corner is this:
 The bottom of the cabinets houses my bigger instruments and more of my files:

(I'm embarrassed to say my bars are off my Orff instruments. . . )

The top cabinets look messier than they are.  In front is everything that comes out onto a table or counter top during the school year: pencil cups, hot water kettle, etc.  Behind the things that come out are my boxes full of stuffed animals and puppets.  I have A LOT of stuffed animals and puppets. ..  17 years of teaching will do that to you.  Well, maybe. ;)

 And in the opposite corner of the room from the corner storage area is this:

 The drawers are built into the wall and can't move from where they are. At first I didn't like it but that's the front of the classroom and is perfect for me to put my lesson plan book on and easily glance at it when I'm teaching.

Thanks Tracy for the blog party!  I  hope you all are having a wonderful Sunday!

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  1. I had to laugh out loud at your "looks messier that they are" comment. I have a cabinet like that too. It houses my big can of pointers, oddly sized props that don't really fit any where else (like plastic axes, giant toothbrushes, beach balls, hats, etc...) and my insane stash of plates. *sigh* I am a paper plate addict! :-) Thanks for linking up!-Tracy


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