Let's Talk About Books, Linky

Now, ya'll don't faint with me blogging two days in a row, lol! This hasn't happened for a while! One of my goals this summer is to make sure I blog more often.

When I saw Deanna Jump over at Mrs. Jump's Classroom was doing a book Linky I had to jump on!
 I've blogged about books in the music classroom and this is one of my favorites.  It is out of print but you can buy it on Amazon. .. . and the kids will LOVE you for it!

 Of course, it's an older book. I adore the style of the pictures and love the soft, warm colors.  When I sing and show this book to my preschoolers they are the most calm you'll ever see a group of 3-4 year olds!  And because I'm a music teacher, of course this book is a song! :)

Here's Almeida Riddle's version of the song:

2.         What’ll it take to buy it with?
3.         We’ll take daddy’s featherbed.
4.         Where would our daddy sleep.
5.         He could sleep in the puppy’s bed.
6.         Where will the puppy sleep.
7.         Sleep in the piggy’s bed.
8.         Where will the piggy sleep?
9.         Sleep in the horse’s bed.
10.       Where will the horse sleep?
11.       Graze out on our front lawn.
12.       Where will the children play?
13.       They can swing on the garden gate.
14.       Yes, and get a spankin’ too.

But in the book, the verses are different.  In John Feierabend's book, "First Step in Music, Preschool and Beyond", you can find this version but I wish I had a better secondary source for you.

The book starts with 'Liza Lou seeing a doll on a peddlers cart and comes to ask her mama to buy it for her.  Like th Almeida Riddle version, the first thing she tells her mama to do is sell daddy's feather bed. But then this displaces Daddy. As the story continues on, the kitty, sister, grandma, chickens and piggies are displaced.  Even poor grandma needs to find a new place to sleep.  And in the end, Liza falls asleep on her mama's lap, dreamin' about a china doll.  Very sweet. And if you want to hear an amazing performance of it, listen to Jill Trinka sing it!

Pedagogically, this is a GREAT song for teaching ti-tika.  My good friend Tanya has an amazing SMARTboard recource for this.  This in on my bucket list of things to make in a PowerPoint.   Here's a link to Tanya's file:

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I've never used this book or song but it looks fun! I just linked up too. :) Thanks for sharing!

    1. I have always loved the song but didn't break down and buy the book until last year. My preschoolers and kinders love it, it's a wonderful ending to a lesson. They end up so calm and relaxed. And the preschool teachers ask for it time and time again, lol!


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