Well, it's official, I'm 40!!  As one of my birthday celebrations I released a new Birthday file set.  It's an idea that's been "simmering" for a while.  You might not know this but I'm a Beatles junkie- LOVE THEM!!!

So, I created some activities to go with the Beatles' "Birthday" song.  Essentially, it's a rhythm reading exercise but I also incorporated counting measures (exciting, really.  I know- but it's a musical skill that musicians need when playing or singing in an ensemble). So, as the song is played the kiddos see slides such as the following:

These two slides are used for counting measure of rest:

Then the students read patterns in the 4 beats between the singing of the "chorus":
 This is a filler slide in between the patterns, and lasts a measure:

This is a different way of counting measures and is also a free dance time during the song:

This is a different section, the part that goes "I would like you to dance.."

And the ending:
Now, I have a student teacher right now.  One Friday when he was gone to a district meeting my 4th graders and I tried it out.  We only did it twice, and I recorded the second time.  Because of this, they didn't hear the "Birthday" party correctly and inverted the rhythm in which it's sung.  But you can see that they're having a good time.  Also, this is FAST!  We didn't slow it down but you can put a recording into Audacity or "The Amazing Slow Downer" as a way to slow down the tempo of the song:

You can find multiple rhythms to use with this by clicking here.
Have a GREAT Tuesday!

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